Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.96.4

However, if the first item was already of this quality, then one could imagine, just how valuable would be following items. It seemed that the level of today’s auction was indeed incomparable to previous ones. It was definitely worth a trip coming here today!

Many of the guests looked at the auctioned item, their eyes alight with desire.

Noticing this reaction, Liu Pinyan maintained his composure and calmly continued: “After appraisal was done by our Auction House, we can verify that this core of the level six Stormbird has no loss of energy. As long as its energy refined by a cultivator, it will undoubtedly bring an ample benefit to the owner’s cultivation. Of course, if it’s used as an enhancement for a weapon, the weapon’s strength will be multiplied.”

“Now, the bidding for this item begins. The starting bid for the core of sixth level Stormbird is 100 000 gold coins.”

The currency of the entire mainland consisted of silver coins, gold coins, and purple gold coins. 100 silver coins equaled 1 gold coin, and 100 gold coins equaled 1 purple gold coin.

The annual expenditure of an average household was around a thousand gold coins.

“200 000 gold coins,” as soon as Liu Pinyan’s voice fell, people started bidding eagerly.

“250 000 gold coins.”

“300 000 gold coins.”

Bids followed each other closely. But most of those bids came from the hall: heads of small households or loose cultivators. Guests in the VIP-rooms had yet to spare a glance.

In the end, the core of Stormbird was sold to a head of a small household for 350 000 gold coins.

Murong Qingyan looked at the unfolding scene with a raised eyebrow. She didn’t expect that in this world there were so many rich people! Even a head of small household could take out hundreds of thousands of gold coins to get a core of a demonic beast.

Obviously, Murong Family was one of the Four Great Families and their wealth was certainly tremendous. Yet, in all these years, Murong Family likely hadn’t even spent even a thousand gold coins on the former Murong Qingyan! Apparently, this Murong family indeed took a good care of her, ah! And the first chance they got, they were in a hurry to settle accounts with her.

“Master, what are you thinking about?” After auction started, Little White lost interest in the snacks and nestled in Murong Qingyan’s arms, so once he noticed that she became absent-minded and disconcerted, he couldn’t keep himself from asking.

“It’s nothing,” Murong Qingyan shook her head gently and instantly put on a slight smile: “Just seeing these people bid for items, I suddenly thought that I had really asked for too little of a compensation when I treated Qiuyuan Yi back then.”

“It was only because it was the first time!” Little White jumped up on her laps, once he heard Murong Qingyan’s words: “Master, next time you treat somebody, your rewards shouldn’t be so low, ok? Because last time you’ve almost died, yet, you still didn’t get a better compensation.”

“Alright, alright, those are the things of the past,” seeing Little White’s angry appearance with his fur standing on its ends, Murong Qingyan shook her head in mirth: “Each time this is mentioned, you have the same exaggerated reaction. What do you say, we continue watching the auction, m?”

As the auction went on, the bidding grew more and more intense. At first, only the guests in the lower hall participated in the bidding war, but soon those from the VIP-rooms also took part in it.  

Looking at the auction below, a thought flashed in Murong Qingyan’s eyes and she swiftly raised her hand to press the bell.

Very soon, a young servant girl entered the room. Murong Qingyan instructed her in a low voice.

After listening to Murong Qingyan’s orders, a servant girl had a strange expression on her face but, still, she respectfully nodded and left the room.

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