Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.96.5

In the room, Murong Qingyan smiled meaningfully. She noticed that until now members of the Four Great Families had yet to place bids. Obviously, they came here solely for the pills, hence they were not keen on wasting money on other items.

The auction proceeded smoothly. Murong Qingyan also got herself some raw materials for the pill refining. She wasn’t interested in other items, but these medicinal herbs were a different matter.

Ultimately, the auction reached its culmination point and as Liu Pinyan’s expression turned solemn, the atmosphere in the hall tensed up with all the eyes focused on the platform.

At last, a small jade bottle was slowly raised on the platform. Instantly, silence ruled over the audience, no one uttered a single sound, yet all their burning gazes were glued to this small jade bottle on the stage, wishing they could snatch it and hide it in their own pockets.

Understandably, everyone could deduct what was inside this jade bottle. A couple of days ago, there was a rumor, that during this auction a third-grade Zhuji pills would be auctioned. And it was precisely this piece of news that brought here so many visitors.

Therefore, the content of this small bottle was definitely these Zhuji pills.

Liu Pinyan took a step forward and directly said: “I believe by now everyone here has already guessed what is inside this jade bottle! Indeed, in this small bottle are third-grade Zhuji pills.”

“Zhuji pills or Foundation Building pills, as the name suggests, can help a person to achieve a Foundation Establishment period. Even if a person is merely at Qi Condensation period, once the pill is eaten, the person will be directly promoted to the Foundation Establishment. Foundation Establishment period can be considered a dividing line amongst cultivators and reaching this period, as all of you know, is not an easy undertaking. However, as long as this Zhuji pill is taken, breaking through to the Foundation Establishment will no longer be a problem.”

“Furthermore, there are ten third-grade Zhuji pills altogether.”

Hearing Liu Pinyan’s words, even though the crowd was mentally prepared, they were still greatly shocked. Faced with such revelation even the heads of the Four Great Families lost their calm.

It had to be known, although a single Foundation Establishment cultivator wasn’t truly a powerhouse, still, he would be of a great help to the Family. Moreover, there were ten Zhuji pills, no matter how many of them were successfully snatched, it would be a wonderful outcome.

Just as Liu Pinyan was ready to start with the bidding, a young servant girl came up to the stage and whispered something to him.

Hearing girl’s words, Liu Pinyan seemed surprised for a moment. Then, he unobtrusively stole a quick glance at Murong Qingyan’s VIP-room, as his expression changed slightly.

Although he didn’t know why Noble Son Mu had such a request, since it was a pill owner’s will, he had to act accordingly.

When everyone in the audience was starting to get restless, the young girl had already left the stage and Liu Pinyan returned to his place. He looked at the crowd and said: “According to seller’s request, these ten Zhuji pills will be auctioned together. In other words, only one person will be able to bring home these ten pills. There is no set starting bid. Now, please, start placing bids.”

As Liu Pinyan’s voice fell, the audience was solemnly silent. None of them had expected that these Zhuji pills would be auctioned altogether.

The complexion of the Four Great Family Heads also rapidly turned uglier and uglier. From the very beginning, they relied on their families’ intel and were prepared to get a hold at least of a couple of pills, yet now, they were told that only one person could get all these ten pills.

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    • Berpol

      Now all the Great Families have to go all in. If your family doesn’t get it, one of your three biggest competitors will – improving 10 of their family members or followers. If they were auctioned singly each family would get two or three and the “fight” between them wouldn’t be that hard,
      The auction will now be shorter, harder and more fun for her (and us).

  • Crazy@reader

    I may be a bit acro to conspiracy theories but I believe she wants to create conflicts between the four family after all the other 3 will not let one of them become overall stronger than them. So after the auction, there are bound to be a fight.


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