Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.96.6

With ten pills being sold in a bulk… the price would rise exponentially.

“100 000 gold coins!” A head of some small household shouted a bid to sound out the situation.

However, as soon as he placed the bid, he received many taunts from other guests.

“Is this person trying to stir a trouble? A 100 000 gold coins for ten Zhuji pills, is just a 10 000 gold coins per pill!”

“If it could be bought at such a low price, I would also love to get a few. If you don’t have money, don’t call out. What a loss of face.”

Apparently, other guests felt dissatisfied with the person who had just placed the bid. If it was ten times more than 100 000, still it might not be possible get these ten pills!

The head of the family who made that rushed bid lowered his head in embarrassment. He merely wanted to probe the situation, who could have thought that he would be mocked so badly? He also knew that it was impossible to get these pills for such a meager sum!

“1 million gold coins!” Another person followed closely after the first bid.

The bid this time rose jumped over the first one by ten times, but nobody found it strange. More so, everyone shared the same understanding: this was just the beginning. One only feared that the winning bid for these ten Zhuji pills would be sky-high.

“1,5 million gold coins!”

“3 million gold coins!”

The bids rushed in one after another, until one by one, the guests in the lower hall had to reluctantly drop out of the race, ultimately, leaving the bidding war to those in VIP-rooms on the second floor.

It should be noted that the happiest person in the entire Auction House was Murong Qingyan. Hearing the sums people bid climbing higher and higher, she had to be honest with herself: she felt happy. Unexpectedly, the people in these VIP-rooms are such local tyrants!

“Master, why do you look so happy?” Little White noticed Murong Qingyan’s smile was getting wider and wider and couldn’t bear his curiosity: “Is it because the bids are getting higher?”

“Of course,” Murong Qingyan nodded without hesitation: “The higher their bids are, the richer we will be. Lil’ White, I can roughly feel that after this we will become local tyrants ourselves!”

Listening to Murong Qingyan, Little White couldn’t help but spit out his tongue: “Master, since these Zhuji pills can be auctioned for such a high price, why did you choose to sell them together? Wouldn’t they sell better if they were auctioned separately?”

“Lil’ White, you don’t get it,” Murong Qingyan shook her head and explained: “No matter who the person is, people have a tendency to hope for a lucky chance. If we sold pills separately, the final bids for first pills definitely wouldn’t be high, because people would think that if they can’t get this one or even the next, they surely would be able to get the one after these.”

“Even if that’s the case, the following price would still be higher!” Puzzled, Little White grabbed his head.

“Even if each following pill’s winning bid is higher, it won’t be higher by much,” Murong Qingyan continued her explanation: “If the bids were much higher than previous ones, people would feel that they are making a loss and then, when the price is, in their opinion, too high, they would stop bidding.”

“Besides, a chance to increase the overall power of their Family by ten Foundation Establishment masters at once, has thrown their minds in a disarray. After all, if they can’t win these pills for themselves, then they would have to helplessly watch other Family getting ten extra Foundation Establishment cultivators.”


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