Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.96.7

While Murong Qingyan talked with Little White, the bids rose to 50 million gold coins.

“60 million gold coins,” Nangong Ting kept shouting bids.

He had to get a hold of these ten Zhuji pills by any possible means. In the Clan Assembly, they lost to Murong Family the title of the First Family. Now, no matter what, he absolutely couldn’t let other families get those pills.

Ye-er was going to study in the Four Elements Academy soon and not many of family’s younger generation had reached Foundation Establishment. The bottleneck between Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment was not easy to break through, some cultivators it took 20, or even 30 years to succeed.

If he got these Zhuji pills, it would be of immense help to Nangong Family. Or else, it would be of a colossal setback to the Nangongs, if some other family got their hands on these pills. Moreover, today he found out that Qiuyuan Yi was cured, and for Nangong Family this was definitely not a good news.

Qiuyuan Yi’s and Ye-er’s talents were equally outstanding. In the past, Qiuyuan Yi couldn’t compare to Ye-er only due to his inborn illness. And now Qiuyuan Yi’s health had recovered. Moreover, he was going to study at the Four Elements Academy with Ye-er.

Whatever the future held, no one could predict. All he could do now is to continuously strengthen Nangong Family, and the crucial element to make a family strong were its talented members. These Zhuji pills were undoubtedly the best way to train them.

“61 million gold coins.” Not long after Nangong Ting’s voice fell, another one resounded through the hall.

Neither Nangong nor Qiuyuan family heads wanted to let go of this opportunity.

Murong Xiong also unceasingly shouted bids from his VIP-room. However, his expression soon became gloomy, because the bids were swiftly approaching his limit.

These past years, Murong Family was gradually declining. Even though was still considered to be one of the Four Great Families, in truth, the gap between Murong and other three families was not small.

This time at the Clan Assembly Murong Qingyan won the championship along with the title on the First Family, yet, the matter of development into one was not a matter of couple days. The current financial situation of Murong family couldn’t be compared to the days of its glory.

The bidding war was still in the full swing, and ultimately, Murong Xiong was forced to give up. Only other three families continued to bid. At first, Imperial family also participated in the bidding, but later on also stopped.

“100 million gold coins!” Nangong Ting shouted this astronomical price through the clenched teeth.

This was the highest price he could afford. Even for such a powerful family like Nangong it was not easy to lose 100 million gold coins at once. But for these ten Zhuji pills, he could only grind his teeth and bear with it.

Upon hearing the bid of 100 million gold coins, everyone in the audience sucked in a breath of cold air. Nobody expected that these ten Zhuji pills would fetch such a sky-high sum.

Indeed, Zhuji pills were extremely rare, moreover Zhuji pills of such a high grade. But 100 million gold coins… this price was just too much.

Unsurprisingly, no one placed bids after this.

People had to sigh, this Nangong family’s pockets really were too deep, ah! Unexpectedly, they could spend 100 million gold coins in one go.

“100 million gold coins. Does anyone have higher bids?” After inquiring several times, Liu Pinyan knocked down with the gavel: “Sold for the winning bid of 100 million gold coins!”

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  • iRead4Fun

    Now, if the Nangong family finds out that those pills were made by Qingyan and that they paid that much for those… I wonder how many gallons of blood they’ll be spitting out. Heh.

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 🙂

    • violetgale

      From what I remember reading, our MC didn’t make those pills….they were leftovers from the previous owner of her space.
      But I get what you mean 🙂

      She can’t make pills yet. She got the capability to make pills, but not the skill/exp…..I think….

  • magpie

    Thanks for the chapter…
    Next week the MC brings five (5) pills for individual auction… Have to keep the “scarcity value” going. Watch Nagong really spit blood at the lower prices


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