Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.96.8

Once Nangong Ting heard Liu Pinyan’s confirmation on the deal, he could finally exhale in relief. He was anxious that in case that even with this bid he couldn’t win and the bids further escalated, then it would definitely impair Nangong’s family foundation.

Heads of other three families also looked unsightly. As long as the thought that now Nangong family would instantly gain ten Foundation Establishment cultivators crossed their minds, their mood sank lower than the deepest trench.

For a long time now, Nangong family was the strongest one of the four. Although this time Murong family won the championship at the Clan Assembly, it was a known fact, that it was much weaker than the Nangongs.

Moreover, the one who won this glory for the Murongs was Murong Qingyan, who had always been treated as a waste. Even if she technically belonged to the Murong Family, in her heart there was definitely no place for them.

Contrary to the complex moods of Heads of Four Great Families, Liu Pinyan’s mood bordered on jubilant.

Although he long knew that these Zhuji pills would fetch a very good price, it was out of his expectations that it would be that good.

Even if they received the commision of only 5% from 100 million gold coins, it was still quite a bit of wealth.

It could be said that the auction of Zhuji pills was the highest point of the whole auction. Following Zhuji pills, there were other items of exceptional quality that were auctioned, but none of these items could excite guests as much. Although these things were good, the prices they raised were not so impressive.

Finally, it was the time for the last item to be auctioned.

Liu Pinyan placed a small box on the platform.

Looking at this box, the audience felt puzzled. Was the last item a simple box? This shouldn’t be a sort of joke, should it?

Noticing the doubts amongst the public, Liu Pinyan explained with a smile: “What we auction is definitely not this box, but what’s inside it.”

As soon as he was done with his clarification, he opened the box and showed everyone a roll of parchment in it: “What we auction this time is this map. However, calling it a map actually might not be right! Because it’s only a remaining part of the map. As far as we know, this map leads to the third-ranked Divine Flame, the Netherworld Ghostly Flame.”

“But since the map is incomplete, the starting bid is only 10 000 gold coins.”

“20 000 gold coins,” someone quickly raised the bid.

The bidding went on, but the increments weren’t big. The value of a Divine Flame was unquestionable, especially so for apothecaries and pill refiners. If a pill refiner had a Divine Flame to assist him, his results would improve tremendously. It’s only that a Divine Flame wasn’t easy to subdue. And if a person failed in suppressing it, that unlucky person would not just lose his life, he would be swallowed by the divine Flame so that even ashes wouldn’t remain.

Besides, this was only a remnant of the map. Even if it was bought, there was no guarantee that this Divine Flame could be found just based on it. Therefore, not many people were interested in this map.

“Master, let’s bid for it!” Unlike reserved atmosphere in the hall below, Little White was jumping from excitement: “We must get this map and find the Netherworld Ghostly Flame!”

Murong Qingyan smiled at him and nodded, obviously agreeing with Little White.

She waited until the bidding almost died down and pushed the button, saying: “100 000 gold coins.”

After her bid, other people dropped bidding altogether. After all, this kind of damaged map didn’t hold much value in the public’s eyes and the bidding wasn’t enthusiastic in the first place.

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