Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.97.1

For a long time, the two of them poured their brain power into unlocking the map’s secrets, yet they still didn’t get closer to figuring it out.

“Master, it seems like it’s impossible to find clues just from this remnant alone,”  Little White felt somewhat discouraged: “Even after looking at it for so long, we still couldn’t figure anything out.”

“It’s ok. Since we can’t, then we can’t, there’s no need to force ourselves,” Murong Qingyan closed the map and said with a smile: “It’s indeed impossible to learn anything from this single remnant. It looks like we’ll have to gather all of them to find out Divine Flame’s location.”

“Yes, seems like it’s the only way,” Little White nodded pointedly.

“Oh, that’s right, Little White. Once we find this Netherworld Ghostly Flame, what can we do with it?” Murong Qingyan suddenly asked: “Now that I’ve already subdued Earth Core Flame, can I still tame the Netherworld Ghostly Flame?”

It was already a rare case, that a Divine Flame was successfully suppressed, so subduing another flame would already be unthinkable, to say nothing of a Divine Flame. Even a slight carelessness could cost a life. Last time when she was suppressing the Earth Core Flame, if it wasn’t for Huangfu Jue’s help, she would have most likely been burned right then and there, and burned so well that even ashes wouldn’t remain.

“Master, if it was just any other person, then, indeed, it would have been impossible to subdue two different flames, but Master is different!” Little White gushed excitedly: ”Any average person could tame only one Divine Flame, because it would lead to the internal imbalance otherwise. If the two Divine Flames were introduced into the body, a human body would be unable to withstand their pressure.”

“But Master has Earth Core Flame now, so once you find another Divine Flame, you don’t have to subdue it, you can just swallow it.”

“Swallow it?” Hearing Little White’s words, Murong Qingyan was shocked: “How is this possible?”

“Other Divine Flames definitely can’t do it, but Earth Core Flame is different,” Little White quickly explained: “The reason for the Earth Core Flame to rank first amongst Divine Flame is not only due its might, but also for its ability to assimilate other Flames, though it’s not a widespread knowledge.”

“Once Earth Core Flame is out, thousands of other flames would be extinguished. After Earth Core Flame devours other Divine Flames, it grows stronger, its might multiplied, and even more so, it can retain abilities of the assimilated Flames.”

“Devouring other Divine Flames shouldn’t be an easy matter!” Murong Qingyan narrowed her eyes, pondering.

“En, it’s not easy indeed,” Little White nodded in confirmation: “A Divine Flame is known as Divine Flame, because its origin lies in Heavens and Earth, and it has its own conscience. To devour another Divine Flame without a hitch, its conscience should be completely wiped out, otherwise, it’s just inviting trouble to oneself.”

“That’s why I said, only master can achieve that. Master hasn’t only tamed the Earth Core Flame, but also integrated it into her body. Earth Core Flame can extinguish conscience of other Divine Flames, so only it has the ability to devour other Divine Flames.”

“Of course, devouring a Divine Flame is by no means a walk in a park, and can lead to your death, so… Master, I say, whether you are going to take the risk, you should consider carefully.”

Listening to Little White’s words, Murong Qingyan was lost in thought. After a while, she raised her head with a confident smile: “Such a good thing, how could I miss it? Since I’ve tamed the Earth Core Flame, then surely I can tame other Flames.”

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