Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.97.2

“Master, I just knew it, you’re the awesomest¹.”

“Ha, it still depends on a chance,” Murong Qingyan continued with a smile: “It’s extremely rare to be lucky enough to find a Divine Flame. Although we have this map remnant, finding the Netherworld Ghostly Flame won’t be easy.”

“En,” Little White agreed with Murong Qingyan and didn’t press on the matter.

Murong Qingyan gathered the map remnant, putting it away, and went to plant the medicinal herbs she got at the auction in her space, since her space didn’t have these before.

Later, when she was done with planting herbs, she came into the small wooden house and sat cross-legged to cultivate. She skipped quite a few stages in her cultivation due to the Earth Core Flame and now she had to do her best to stabilize her base.

In contrast, Murong Xiong, who didn’t manage to get the pills at the auction, had also returned home, understandably, his expression was ugly.

Upon his return, Murong Xiong summoned Elders of the family and retold them everything that happened at the auction. Of course, the most important part was that Nangong Ting got a hold of all 10 Zhuji pills.

-In the hall-

Murong Xiong sat at as the head at the meeting, his seat above others, the look on his face was anything but good. It was obvious he had yet to get over the fact he didn’t succeed in getting those pills.

“Master Murong, how come none of those Zhuji pills were bought? The first one to speak was Murong Rui, the Grand Elder of the family. According to the seniority in the family, he could be considered Murong Xiong’s great uncle: “It was said there would be ten of them, was it not?”

As Murong Rui held the highest rank in the family as a Grand Elder, his status was unquestionable, that’s why even when he spoke to Murong Xiong, he didn’t have to mince his words.

“Although there were ten pills…” just mentioning this Murong Xiong’s expression sank even more: “I don’t know who was the person who sold those pills, but he chose to sell all of them together.”

“How could this be!” The third Elder, Murong Li, furrowed his brows: “That’s the reason all the pills were bought by Nangong Ting?”

“Yes,” Murong Xiong nodded: “These years, Nangong family’s power was already the greatest of us all, and now they had even gotten ten Zhuji pills. If Nangong family has ten more Foundation Establishment cultivators it’s absolutely not a good news for our Murong Family.”

“The current situation came to this, and it can’t be changed it,” the second Elder Murong Xin stroke his beard, a glimmer of light flashed through his eyes without trace: “What we have to do now is to look for other ways to make for it.”

“Second Elder, what do you have in mind?” Murong Rui latched onto him immediately: “If there’s a way, hurry, tell us.”

“Actually we don’t have to overcomplicate these things,” a speck of light flickered in Murong Xin’s eyes again: “Nangong family indeed got the pills, but their price was so high, that Nangong Family had to part with a 100 million gold coins at once. Although 100 million gold coins is not enough to critically undermine Nangongs’ financial foundation, the fact remains that this loss is still enough to wound them severely.”

“Second Elder means…” Murong Xiong apparently understood Murong Xin’s idea.


  1. Yes, it could be just ‘awesome’ (or ‘most awesome’), but it’s Little White, and he’s excited.
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