Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.97.3

“Yes, what I mean is that we can make a deal with Nangong family directly,” Murong Xing nodded: “In the first place, Nangong and our Murong families have a marriage agreement, and now that Nangongs have acquired ten Zhuji pills, we don’t need to get all of them.”

“Even if they are willing to share a couple of them with us, it’s already very good. Our Murong Treasury also has quite a few good things to exchange them with. Using the money to trade things can hurt feelings between families, but exchanging gifts is a whole different thing.”

“That’s a good idea,” Murong Rui nodded in approval.

Murong Xiong considered things for a while and deciding that it’s a good deal overall, immediately called for Lin Guangxiong:

“Housekeeper Lin, I remember that we have five third-grade Marrow Cleansing pills. Go bring two of them over.”

Now that they want to trade, the Marrow Cleansing pills would be best for this deal. These Marrow Cleansing pills are of the same grade as Zhuji pills, so Nangong Ting shouldn’t reject them.

Three other elders didn’t voice any opinions on Murong Xiong’s choice.

“This time, Murong family won at the Clan Assembly and received the title of the First Family, yet we can’t compare to Nangong family at all,” Murong Rui sighed with regret: “Obviously, we are the First Family, yet we have to look up to Nangongs to give them face.”

“Now that you mention it, it’s because Murong Qingyan doesn’t hold Murong family in her heart,” Murong Li sighed as well: “Who could have thought that Murong Qingyan was hiding her strength so well. If she wasn’t treated that way before, now she could have been a great help to the family.”

Hearing Murong Qingyan’s name, Murong Xiong’s face instantly sunk. He didn’t forget her rude attitude towards him.

Murong Li also felt that he misspoke and didn’t continue. It was an open secret in the Murong family that Murong Xiong’s and Murong Qingyan’s relationship was, to put it mildly. strained. However, as an elder of the family, it wasn’t right for him to comment on this matter.

For a while, the atmosphere in the hall became heavy.

“Master Murong, no good!”

In a moment, an anxious voice broke the stagnant air in the hall. Following the sound of the voice, a figure hurried into the hall. The person who rushed in was no one else but Lin Guangxiong who was sent for the Marrow Cleansing pills.

“Lin Guangxiong, don’t you know where you are right now!” Murong Xiong who was not in a good mood by then and seeing such disgraceful behavior he yelled at Lin Guangxiong: “What are you shouting for? Is this a place where you can make a fuss? If you don’t know even such simple rules, then you are not fit for the position of the housekeeper!”

Murong Xiong’s scolding scared Lin Guangxiong and he hastily explained: “Master Murong, this subordinate was not intentional, it is indeed a grave matter.”

“Well then, what happened?” Murong Xiong’s voice was laced with sarcasm: “What could happen for the solemn housekeeper Lin to lose all the decorum? Also, have I not told you to bring Marrow Cleansing pills? Where are they?”

“Master Murong, that’s the matter that this subordinate wanted to report,” Lin Guangxiong quickly defended himself: “Just when I was in the Treasury about to take the pills, I noticed some strange traces on one of the cases, so I went to check it and discovered that a bottle of pills was missing.”


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