Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.97.4

“Pills are missing?” Although this news angered Murong Xiong, he forced himself to maintain a calm expression: “What pills are missing?”

Not only Murong Xiong, other elders focused also their attention on Lin Guangxiong. It had to be known, that a losing an item from Family treasury wasn’t a small matter. Especially so when it came to pills, any and all pills that family had were kept in the treasury.

Usually, whether the pills refined by the in-house pill masters or high-grade pills obtained through other means were all placed in the treasury. The drugs in Family pharmacy were merely low-grade pills and medicinal herbs.

Hearing Murong Xiong’s inquiry, Lin Guangxiong shrank his shoulders and braced himself, stammering out: “Replying to Master Murong, missing… the pill that was lost… is a Rejuvenation pill.”

“What?! Rejuvenation pill?!” Murong Xiong almost jumped out of his skin from shock, his complexion sank, clearly trying to suppress his rage: “Are you sure? Have you checked it carefully? Is it really a Rejuvenation pill that is missing?”

“Even if this subordinate was ten times more courageous, still I wouldn’t dare to lie to the Head of the Family!” Lin Guangxiong bowed as deep as he could, his head hanging down: “This subordinate inspected several times, it’s indeed a Rejuvenation pill that is missing.”

“Good, very good!” Murong Xiong laughed out to alleviate his anger: “Unexpectedly, there are some people who don’t have their eyes, daring to steal and whatnot from my Murong family! It looks like that I was too good-natured lately so that now people dare to bully me!”

“Master Murong, please calm down,” Murong Rui tried to mediate: “The most important thing now is to find out the person who stole the pill. Furthermore, I think it’s implausible that it was done by an outsider.”

“Grand Elder means that the perpetrator is a member of our Murong family?” Murong Xiong tried his hardest to suppress the rage in his heart: “Some people are truly bold, daring to steal from the treasury!”

“Security in the manor is very tight, it would have been difficult for an average person to accomplish,” Murong Rui analyzed the situation: “Getting in wouldn’t be easy, to say nothing of stealing from the treasury.”

“Seems like it was indeed done by an insider,” Murong Xiong pounded the table in anger: “I’ll have to take a look, who was actually daring enough to steal a pill!”

Then, Murong Xiong looked at Lin Guangxiong and ordered him: “Investigate this matter for me immediately!”

Seeing that Murong Xiong’s anger had already soared to heavens, Lin Guangxiong didn’t dare to delay and immediately withdrew to let people investigate the traces.

Soon, the fact that the someone broke into the treasury and stole pills became known throughout the estate. Shortly, everyone in the Murong family started to feel anxious and alarmed for fear this matter would involve them.

Naturally, Murong Qingxue also heard about it: although she kept her expression calm, surging waves rose inside her heart. She didn’t expect that this matter would be discovered so soon.

Once she gathered this news, she returned to her courtyard without delay and went straight into Liu Mei’s chambers.

“Xue-er, how come you are back so early today?” Seeing Murong Qingxue coming back, Liu Mei put down a woman’s clothing she was making and welcomed her daughter with a smile: “But you’ve come at the right time! I was just making a dress for you, I’ll be done in a moment and you can try it on.”


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