Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.97.5

Unlike Liu Mei, there was no smile on Murong Qingxue’s face ever since she entered the room. She motioned with her hand and ordered: “All of you, go out.”

Although the servants didn’t know what happened, upon Murong Qingxue’s command they left the room one after another.

“Xue-er, what’s going on?” Noticing that something about this situation was off, Liu Mei took a closer look at her daughter’s gloomy expression and grew uneasy: “What’s wrong, ah? I remember you were going to Nangong Estate today. Has something gone wrong between you and Nangong Ye? Or has something happened to your upcoming marriage?”

“I’m alright,” Murong Qingxue shook her head and pulled Liu Mei to sit: “Everything is fine between elder brother Ye and me as well. There are no changes in our wedding plans either. However, something big has happened in the family.”

“What could have happened?” Hearing Murong Qingxue’s words, Liu Mei stared blankly at her: “Today I’ve spent the whole day in the courtyard and haven’t heard anything, ah! Xue-er, you look so flurried, what in the end happened, ah?”

“I ask you again, when you got the Rejuvenation pill, are you sure no one found out about it?” Murong Qingxue knitted her brows, her expression grave: “Has someone helped you? Who is that person?”

Murong Qingxue was filled with worry, no one knew better than her extent of her mother’s abilities. Her mother was really too weak, she hasn’t even reached Foundation Establishment. How could she possibly steal a Rejuvenation pill on her own?! Someone definitely helped her. Or was it a group of people? Was this person reliable? These things were really important.

“How come you’re asking about this all of a sudden, ah!” When she heard her daughter asking about a helper, a trace of light streaked through Liu Mei’s eyes: “Had we not talked about it before? This matter, no one will discover it.”

“It was already discovered,” Murong Qingxue quipped with ill-humor: “You should know, that now that grandfather learned about it, he ordered a thorough investigation. If we are found out… Do you know what consequences would await us?”

“Already discovered?” Liu Mei was shocked: “You’ve said that grandfather already knows about the matter of the stolen pill?”

“Yes,” Murong Qingxue nodded and asked again: “That’s why you should tell me, who helped you. I have to figure out whether this person is reliable. If that person isn’t reliable we have to find a way to deal with it as soon as possible.”

Back then when Liu Mei didn’t tell her, she didn’t bother to pursue this matter closely. After all, in her heart, she hoped they would be lucky and the theft wouldn’t be discovered at all. Especially so, since the treasury was a place where people rarely went in and it could take a long time for someone to go in and discover that something was amiss.

As the time passed it would be nigh impossible to find any clues and trace it back to them. However, it was completely out of her expectations that just in a span of several days the theft of the Rejuvenation would be discovered and the whole Murong family would be alarmed.

The first thing that came to her mind once she heard about it was to go look for Liu Mei to discuss these things and think of countermeasures.


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… well, it seems it can still drag on, and on. Surprise-surprise…  I don’t know about you, my dear readers,  but I’m itching for a good fight. And at worst, it starts with 98th chapter (I know cos I’ve selectively read it for some reason a while ago), but I really, really hoped it would come sooner, sigh.

Anyway, that was Friday’s part. One more to go~

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