Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.97.8

“You still dare to quibble!” Murong Xiong’s anger swelled again, once he heard Murong Qingyan pleading her innocence: “All the evidence is already conclusive, it all leads to you being the one who stole the Rejuvenation pill. I ask you now, where is it?”

Although he knew that it was highly unlikely that he would be able to get the Rejuvenation pill back, in his heart he still nurtured a sliver of hope.

After all, it wasn’t just any pill, it was a fifth-grade Rejuvenation pill. Fifth-grade pills were rare as it is, to say nothing of the fifth-grade Rejuvenation pill. No matter how many wounds a person received, once the pill was eaten, the wounded would be restored to the full health, to the point that there wouldn’t be even latent traumas left.

This kind of life-saving pill was the most precious treasure in the Murong family prepared for emergency situations.

“I haven’t even seen this Rejuvenation pill,” Murong Qingyan still  didn’t have a change in her expression, she stood there like as an unyielding pine and cypress¹, not giving in: “I have nothing to with this matter.”

“Ridiculous!” Murong Xiong obviously didn’t believe her: “Murong Qingyan, even if you try to argue now, it’s of no use. If you don’t admit truthfully, the retribution will be dire. If you confess and hand over the Rejuvenation pill, this issue can be dealt with leniently. Otherwise…”

“I’ve already told you, I didn’t steal it,” Murong Qingyan’s voice went colder by a notch: “Whatever you choose to believe, I don’t care. Besides, I absolutely have no use for this Rejuvenation pill, and for a pill that has no use I wouldn’t take the risk.”

Hearing Murong Qingyan’s words, the people present were stunned and thought the situation over. Indeed, although the Rejuvenation pill was a life-saving treasure, in everyday life it held no worth compared to other pills. Instead of stealing Rejuvenation pill, might as well steal other pills.

However, suddenly, a voice broke the contemplative silence.

“Who doesn’t know!” The one who spoke was Murong Xiyi, even simply sitting in a chair he was giving off an impression of a dissolute person: “A while ago, in the duel with Nangong Ye you have sustained quite a bit of injury, now you are  already as good as new.”

As soon as his words fell, everyone’s looks at Murong Qingyan changed.

Back then everyone had seen the match between Nangong Ye and Murong Qingyan. At the time Murong Qingyan was seriously injured, yet during the most critical time, she actually managed to make a breakthrough. Even though she advanced to the next stage, during the breakthrough the internal wounds wouldn’t be healed.

But now looking at Murong Qingyan’s light and lively gait, her ruddy complexion and smooth breathing, she completely didn’t appear as a person who had recently suffered from internal injuries.

Only ten days had passed from the time she received these injuries at the Clan Assembly. Everyone knew Murong Qingyan’s status in the family, therefore, it was impossible for her to get the medicinal treatment here. Nevertheless, now her wounds were clearly completely healed.

“Murong Qingyan, things have already come to this point, do you have anything to say?” Murong Xiong had already decided in his heart and judged harshly: “You, evil abomination, are actually so brazen, so daring as to steal from the family treasury. Today I absolutely won’t spare you.”

“I’ll repeat again, I haven’t done it,” Murong Qingyan indifferently watched Murong Xiong flying in rage, a corner of her lips raised in a mocking smirk: “If you want to condemn someone, there’s no need to worry about pretext². Just because my injury got better I’ve stolen the Rejuvenation pill? With this kind of logic and justification, are you not afraid to be ridiculed by outsiders?”


  1. 松柏 (song1bǎi) – lit. pine and cypress (clean, fresh, straight, strong, independent and other synonyms you can think suitable to describe ‘em) with the use of metaphorical imagination seemed to be more fitting than fig. chaste and undefiled, which is uh… well, you can also use imagination to think of the situation where figurative meaning would be more appropriate.
  2. 欲加之罪,何患无辞 (Yù jiā zhī zuì,hé huàn wú cí) – one can always trump up a charge against sb; an English proverb with the same meaning: give a dog a bad name, then hang him.


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