Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.98.1

“So you’re hell-bent on pushing this crime onto me,” Murong Qingyan laughed grimly: “The way I see it, what you want to do is not to find the person who stole it, but putting the blame onto my head so that you can get my spirit treasure!”

These high-sounding words of theirs, she didn’t believe them. It looked like now that the Rejuvenation pill was stolen, he wants to replace it with her spirit treasure.

To tell the truth, she didn’t particularly care about this spirit treasure. But for Murong Xiong wishing to take it from her, they had to see first if he had the ability.

“Murong Qingyan, you do not mess up things here!” Apparently, what she said was spot on, so it almost made Murong Xiong fly into rage out of humiliation: “You’ve stolen the treasure of the family, even if I wanted to claim your life for it, it would have been justified. Instead, I let you hand over the spirit treasure in exchange for your life.”

“The things I’ve done, I wouldn’t deny,” Murong Qingyan spoke loud and clear: “At the same time, I’ll never admit to those that I haven’t done. Even if you want to plant this crime on me, you have to see first whether I’m willing to carry it!”

“Unexpectedly, even in this situation you still dare to be obstinate,” a disgust Murong Xiong felt towards her was wholly expressed in his eyes: “If you insist on not accepting the punishment, then don’t say we were ruthless if you lose your life.”

Once Murong Qingyan heard Murong Xiong’s words, she almost laughed out loud: “Could it be, that right now you think you are acting humanely? You, a group of accomplished elders actually ganged up to pin down a crime of a stealing a family treasure onto a junior, and you still dare to claim that you don’t have any selfish motives?”

Faced with this kind of candid questions, the eyes of the people present flashed with a trace of embarrassment.

“Murong Qingyan, don’t mislead us here with your sophistry!” Murong Xiyi exclaimed with a touch of anger: “You’ve spoken so much here, however, you have yet to produce any proof of your innocence! I tell you now, whatever you say here today is useless!”

“Ha-ha, now that you mention it, I think it’s pretty strange indeed!” Murong Qingyan sneered with anger, looking at Murong Xiyi: “Second uncle and I didn’t have any conflicts prior, yet how come today whenever you open your mouth it’s as if to especially to target me? I think-”

Pausing for a moment, she looked meaningfully straight into Murong Xiyi’s eyes: “Second uncle, you are so eager to pin this theft onto me… is there some other reason?”

With this remark, everyone present instantly set their eyes on Murong Xiyi.

“Murong Qingyan, you dare to slander me here!” Faced with the suspicious looks of others, in his heart, Murong Xiyi felt like killing Murong Qingyan: “I was merely stating facts. If it weren’t you, why would your jade pendant be found in the treasury?”

“Family head, if you charge me with this crime just based on thing pendant as an evidence, I won’t accept it,” Murong Qingyan looked up at Murong Xiong sitting there, a corner of her lips raised in a mocking smile: “As for the spirit treasure, I won’t hand it over either.”

“You are courting death!” Due to her cheeky statement, Murong Xiong felt that his dignity as a family head was challenged and that added even more oil to the flames of fury he had already nurtured: “Since you’re not willing to confess, then don’t blame me for not showing you mercy. People, come, detain Murong Qingyan.”

Murong Xiong couldn’t endure any more of Murong Qingyan’s provocations. Although there were indeed some questionable points in this matter, however, the person in question was just a Murong Qingyan, so she had to take responsibility for it.


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A little less conversation, a little more action, please… all this… trash talking ain’t satisfactioning me… >_<

Monday’s part (30th July)…

This Murong Xiyi… I have my very, very bad guesses about you!

The more I translate the more I wonder, does the author speak English so she’s chosen Morong as the family name for that…family? Though, of course, not all murons would be so despicable.

Well, nevermind me. I’m off to another slav-work day and wish every one of you an incomparably better Friday than Qingyan is facing! Muahs~

PS. I’ll catch up. Soon.

I hope.

PPS. MGSSGW will catch up soon, too.

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  • iRead4Fun

    Could it be? Is the lengthy monologue done and we’ll be getting to the good part a.k.a. MQY trashes all these “experts” and gives the Murong family the most horrifying face-slaps they’ll ever receive in the puny shameless lives and that “stepmother” and “half-sister” of her will finally get the punishment they deserve? Oh please let it be so.

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie, and have fun at work! Keke! 🙂

  • Vampirecat

    That Murong Xiyi probably got “benefits” from the concubine in exchange for stealing the pill.

    Thanks for the chapter! I hope you can catch up on both series. By the way, is this the chapter when HFJ finally makes his reappearance? Or is it still in the next chapter?

    • Agnie

      He will ‘appear’ right at the end of 98th… and should stay a while, hehe.
      I hope so, too >_> gah, it’s 2 whole chapters for MGSSGW >_>;;;;;;;;

  • Eiri

    thank you for the update.

    Is someone actually having an affair with someone else?

    Cheh! These Murong elders are so despicable. None of them are honest individuals.


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