Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.98.7

In Murong family his age was the greatest as was his rank and knowledge. A Divine Flame such as this one he had not actually personally seen it before, but once had seen in an ancient book. Earlier, during the auction, he heard that there was news of a Divine Flame’s location. That, of course, couldn’t be compared to seeing a genuine Divine Flame in front of him.

“Divine Flame?” Murong Xiong’s eyes grew big and fear was restrained in them, as he coincidently looked at Murong Qingyan on the ground.

No one could imagine that there would be actually a Divine Flame concealed among Murong Qingyan’s secrets.

A Divine Flame wasn’t just any ordinary flame, it was a flame that was born along with the world, heaven and earth, and even had its own conscience. An ordinary person absolutely didn’t have means to tame it. However, it still was a dream, though unreachable, of all pill-refiners. As long as there was a Divine Flame to help pill-refiner, his skill would improve by leaps and bounds and he would become even more powerful.

Of course, if it wasn’t a pill-refiner, but a simple cultivator, it would still be of a great assistance to him. A Divine Flame’s might was truly tyrannical.

“Murong Qingyan, even if you have Divine Flame, it still doesn’t change anything,” Murong Xiong sneered: “Not only that but today this Divine Flame of yours will stay in Murong family.”

Although he wasn’t a pill-refiner, the use of a Divine Flame was immense. Even when he didn’t have a direct contact with it, he could feel its overwhelming might. If he could tame this Divine Flame, his cultivation would certainly soar. Murong Qingyan raising her cultivation so swiftly in such a short period of time was definitely because she tamed the Divine Flame.

It could be said that Murong Xiong guessed most of it right. Murong Qingyan’s strength rose indeed due to the Divine Flame, however, it wasn’t because she tamed, but because she directly fused it into her body.

Murong Qingxue, hidden from sight, had also witnessed this scene and almost cracked her pearly teeth, her eyes staring at Murong Qingyan glowed with envy.

She surely didn’t expect that Murong Qingyan would have such a good luck and managed to obtain a Divine Flame. However, today she was destined not to walk out of the Murong Estate alive. Even with that Flame helping her, her cultivation was just so-so. Furthermore, in Murong family there were many experts, Murong Qingyan would be unable to escape.

“Murong Xiong, you hailed as a head of Murong family, now you seem to be really no different to a robber, ah!” Murong Qingyan tried her best to stand up while mocking him: “Really, let outsiders see your current manner: this so-called first of the Four Great Families! This so-called Family head!”

“Murong Qingyan, don’t think I’ll let you off for talking this way!” Murong Xiong’s complexion became uglier, obviously, Murong Qingyan was right and her words poked his sore spot: “You’ve stolen the Rejuvenation pill, that’s why today when I kill you, no one will dare say anything.”

Then, Murong Xiong showed no quarter of mercy and charged straight at Murong Qingyan.

However, Murong Qingyan wasn’t a person to obediently stay put and wait for her death, she instantly raised her hand to block his onslaught and at the same time controlled the Earth Core Flame to attack him.

Yet, even though she had the Earth Core Flame assisting her, her cultivation was really too low compared to Murong Xiong’s. Moreover, she was already seriously injured by Murong Xiong couple of moments before, even with the Earth Core Flaming healing her from the inside, her injury was too severe.

Gradually, Murong Qingyan found herself in more and more disadvantageous position, the wounds on her were also unceasingly increasing.


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