Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch62

Chapter 62: Nangong Ye wins

Nangong Ye’s modesty and courtesy instantly won everyone’s praise and appreciation.

Sitting below the ring, Murong Qingyan looked at the proceedings there, her lips hooking up with a touch of a sneer. Truly a hypocrite, ah! Even during the competition he didn’t forget to put on an act for the public! What a sham!

Soon, the match on the ring began.

Facing such an opponent as Nangong Ye, Qiu Yuanqi didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest. Right from the start, he chose to use his unique skill. He picked up his sword, and covering it with his mysterious force, charged straight at Nangong Ye.

However, it was clear, that Nangong Ye and Qiu Yuanqi were on completely different levels. In the face of this fierce attack, Nangong Ye seemed to be wholly at ease.

Qiu Yuanqi passed the first round without a hitch, moreover, as a person of Qiu family, he naturally learned quite a number of skills. If his second match wasn’t against Nangong Ye, he could have had a good chance to advance further in the competition. Unfortunately, there were no “if’s” in this world.

After exchanging a couple of bouts with Nangong Ye and seeing the latter casually avoiding attacks aimed at him, Qiu Yuanqi felt as helplessness slowly encroaching on his heart, and the feeling of powerlessness was only growing stronger and stronger.

He understood in his heart that the disparity between him and Nangong Ye was too great. But the match had to go on, he couldn’t back down now.

Qiu Yuanqi summoned the remaining mysterious force in his body and poured it into the sword in his hands: its blade gained an imposing aura, even a swirl of the spiritual power could be vaguely seen. Then, giving it his all, he rushed towards Nangong Ye.

Success or failure, everything hanged on this single move!

An onslaught like this one would make anyone feel horrified and apprehensive.

But Nangong Ye didn’t show any signs of fear or anxiety, he gently moved away and sidestepped such a ferocious attack.

The stands erupted in an uproar, many applauded him.

And just as the crowd was cheering him on, Nangong Ye suddenly disappeared from the ring.

Before anyone could react, Nangong Ye appeared again, but this time he already arrived in front of Qiu Yuanqi! Nangong Ye pulled his right hand in a fist, a fierce, ruthless aura emitting from him, as he immediately struck at Qiu Yuanqi.

“Flying Tiger Fist!”

Due to Nangong Ye’s shout, the punch may have seemed to be slow, but in fact, it fell upon Qiu Yuanqi’s body as fast as lightning. Qiu Yuanqi didn’t manage to dodge, he couldn’t even react in time before he felt a burst of pain in his abdomen.

An in the next moment he flew out of the ring and fell on the ground.

Although Qiu Yuanqi got hit, he wasn’t severely injured. In a bit, he struggled to stand up.

Looking up at the ring above and seeing an elegant bearing of Nangong Ye, Qiu Yuanqi felt grateful, and cupping his fists, thanked his opponent: “Thank you for showing mercy.”

At once, the crowd exploded with excitement, cheering non-stop. Some young ladies even disregarded all modesty and shouted Nangong Ye’s name without restraint.

In the eyes of the crowd, even during the competition Nangong Ye could maintain his modest gentleman demeanor and show consideration in advancing and retreating.

Dressed in white, of elegant bearing and excellent strength, modest and courteous, Nangong Ye was simply a reincarnation of Prince Charming in young maidens’ hearts.

In the VIP area above, a distinguished guest couldn’t help but nod after seeing Nangong Ye’s battle.

Feng Fei looked at Nangong Ye with a trace of appreciation in his eyes.



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Haaaa… Now that was tough. I never knew (felt?) the effort translators had to put into the battle scenes. That pacing, that minute detail and just…everything. Ugh. My deepest respect to those awesome translators & editors who actually can make their readers FEEL the battle. Or, at least, not to mess up the original pacing. Ugh. My coffee, I need my coffee~~~ where have you run off to, my daaa~rling! I need your comforting warmth! T_T

Seriously, I apologize for the battle thing. I did try my best, but it still feels… meh. If anyone can give me a tip (apart from reading through more battle-related novels, because believe me, I do), how to do them better, I’ll be truly grateful *bows*

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  • joellyanne

    Thank you for your hard work. Haven’t got a clue how to do it either, but I have read a few xianxia etc so I think it is very well done.

  • Ms Y

    I have this strong urge to slap NY face with a frying pan 😤
    I think that the battle scene is okay? Not treally sure tho because I for some reasons always skim battle scene 😂
    Oh yeah, is there a way to support this translation? I usually click on a bunch of ads to support my favorite story, but i can’t seem to find any ads in your blog
    Finally, thank u for updating this wonderful chapter!!

    • Agnie

      Worry not, Murong Qingyan will do it for us soon xD Well, relatively speaking…
      It’s good for you then, imo, in the novels with Female MC…battle scenes are pretty… sad, indeed =x
      Hehe, thank you for your wish to support <3 Atm I'm still getting used translating and staying within the schedule, so it's going to stay as a fan translation for now. But thank you, truly! =^.^=

  • Aidare

    Your battle scene, it is good translation but that one battle itself was mundane, no trill so i am not going to tell you you did not so good translation. Slowly you will do better over time. I only read Lord Jue battles, where he is the knight in shining armor. Muahahaha.. dont expect it.. it didnt happen due to it will be smashing eggs against the rock instead.. but if i can have a husband in real life i want someone like him, lol

    • Agnie

      Ty, ty! It was…mediocre, if not to say pathetic, the problem was to make it…action-like instead of tepid. Meh. And the author kept through those 4 sentence a pace that I found close to impossible to imitate -.- I’ve never felt my brain so dried up afterwards xD
      Eh, Lord Jue? Isn’t it because his battles are short, bloody and brutal? That’s an excellent combo xD he and Junxie make it worthwhile, yep.
      …lord Jue’s qualities in a husband… that’s a scary thought, but oh so tempting, fufufu

  • Vemmy

    Thank you for the chapter! Do you ever feel that, while translating, attack names are…..a bit……excessive…. like why do they need to announce attack names? It seems so……extra… whenever I read battle scenes, I feel like laughing from how over the top it is XD

    • Agnie

      Haha, oh yes, /facepalm is a dear guest of mine whenever ppl try to show off in a fight. Meh. But I guess it makes up for the lack of visuals. XD can’t do without some illogical stuff to make it pretty, i guess, fufufu

  • WildConsort

    Can’t wait for our FL battle!!! I wander when will she become pretty? Nangong Ye u wait and see! Hump!!! U will feel regret till ur intestine becomes green!!!! 😂😂😂

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    I definitely felt the excitement 🙂 woot! Cant wait to see how our FL will do in her first battle

    Thank you for the chapter!


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