Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch64

Chapter 64: Doubt

Knocking on the door in passing, Murong Qingyan pushed it open right away and went in without waiting for the summons.

What greeted her, though, as she opened the door was a white jade paperweight flying her way. If it hit her, she’d be definitely severely injured!

To dodge or not to dodge? An average person might have been startled, moreover, it was obvious, who was actually behind that well-aimed projectile. However, Murong Qingyan was no such fool, thus, she nimbly shifted her weight and directly avoided this oncoming “hidden weapon.”

“Murong Qingyan, who gave you such courage to dare to break into my private study? Do you not wish to live anymore?”

Murong Xiong’s mood was not very good from the get-go, and now with Murong Qingyan barging in unrestrained, he was angered even more so. Who would have expected, she would actually have guts to do so?

“Family head, aren’t you the one who’s sent for me?” Faced with his anger, Murong Qingyan met his outburst with indifference. “That won’t do! In this Murong family, are there people who dare to act on in place of the family head? If it’s the case, it must be properly investigated, such atrocities absolutely cannot be allowed to happen!”

“Murong Qingyan, you! Shut your mouth right this instant!” Having listened to Murong Qingyan’s quibbling, Murong Xiong flew into a rage. “You, are very brave! Daring to speak nonsense to my face! In your eyes, do I, this lord and head of the family, not exist at all?”

“So it seems, that the family head has called for me after all, ah!” With the same careless attitude as before Murong Qingyan slowly came in, and then… directly sat down. Courteously she said,  “Don’t know, for what matter the head of the family has summoned me today.”

“You-!” Murong Xiong’s rage soared through the rooftop right into the skies.

Though, as he noticed Murong Qingyan’s respectful expression, he was quickly appeased, somewhat.

But Murong Xiong calmed down only to discover that something felt off. He suddenly raised his head and looked at aloof Murong Qingyan sitting there, his eyes wide, full of disbelief. It was as though the person in front of him wasn’t his own granddaughter but a complete stranger.

Naturally, Murong Qingyan caught the changes in Murong Xiong’s expression, but she still made no effort accommodate his misgivings. Her mouth merely tilted in a smile, “The reason the family head has called for me today shouldn’t be just to have a look? If it’s like this, I’m extremely flattered, ah!”

“You, who are you actually?” Murong Xiong glared sharply at the person in front of him.

It was still that disgusting kid with no mystic power fluctuations, even her birthmark was the same. However, at the same time, Murong Qinguan’s exuded an imposing aura with no trace of cowardice in it, but full of a suffused elegance instead.

Looking at this Murong Qingyan, Murong Xiong was hesitating. The person facing him, was it actually Murong Qingyan, a girl, who in the past didn’t even dare to speak loudly?

“Who am I?” Meeting Murong Xiong’s piercing gaze head-on Murong Qingyan straightforwardly questioned back, almost as if she hadn’t understood the look the other person was giving her. “On this point, shouldn’t you be very clear, family head? Or, perhaps, should I say, anyone in the family knows the person who made the whole Murong family lose face? It’s really hard to miss or forget, ah!”

“Are you really Murong Qingyan?” Murong Xiong’s voice was laced with suspicion throughout.

“Haha, am I Murong Qingyan? Can’t you see for yourself?” Murong Qingyan’s lips tilted in a sarcastic smirk. “Apparently, the me from before was a transparent existence in the eyes of the family head, ah!”


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