Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch66

Chapter 66

“So you’ve done so many things, gone to the Clan Assembly just to get back at my Murong family, have you not?!”

Bellowing thus, in a fit of rage Murong Xiong swept all the things from his desk. Apparently,  Murong Qingyan’s participation without his consent indeed filled his heart with an anger to the brim.

“No,” Murong Qingyan replied. “I didn’t go to the competition to retaliate against Murong family. I did so for my own future.”

Saying so Murong Qingyan’s expression was full of assurance. She was now Murong Qingyan, but she didn’t have any sentiments towards Murong family, be it love or hate.

Earlier Murong family neglected Murong Qingyan, however she didn’t plan on retaliating. Afterall, Murong family owed it to the original Murong Qingyan, not her.

The reason she took part in this Clan Assembly was very simple, actually. She neither felt nor thought of belonging to Murong family, and to leave it, this competition was the best opportunity.

“You’ve done so for the future?” Murong Xiong hearing her statement could only snort. “Do you even know what kind of competition is this Clan Assembly, ah? People who have trained for years and built their foundation may get injured, or even killed! You cannot even gather mysterious force, and yet, participating in it…what else can you call it apart from courting death?”

Although those words were pompous and righteous on the surface, in truth, Murong Xiong didn’t care one bit for Murong Qingyan’s life, or death for that matter. His only concern was Murong family’s reputation. Murong Qingyan’s participation would only make the whole country laugh at them.

Without much effort, Murong Qingyan discerned what was on his mind. “These things, I will not worry Family head with them. Since I’ve decided to participate, I certainly thought of such possibility. Even if I lose my life, it’s my own choice.”

Murong Qingyan’s blase attitude made Murong Xiong feel stifled in his heart. “Murong Qingyan, so you’re not willing to withdraw from the competition, is that so?”

“That’s right,” Murong Qingyan lips curved into a smile. “Since the Clan Assembly is based on the principle of voluntary participation, then I can freely take part in it, is that not so? As for me losing face of the Murong family, Family head doesn’t need to worry about this either.”

“Anyway, even if I stay in my little courtyard, I’ll still bring shame to the family. Then what difference does my participation make?”

“Are you blaming me?” Murong Xiong looked at her with probing eyes. “You’ve hated me all this time since I hadn’t shown you any concern for years, have you not?”

“No,” Murong Qingyan replied without any hesitation. She truly didn’t hate him.

“What’s your purpose then?” Murong Xiong inquired, closely watching her facial expression, evidently eager to see any changes.

“About my goal, is the Family not clear?” Murong Qingyan looked at him funny. “Participating in the competition everyone has the same goal.”

After all the back and forth, Murong Xiong understood, that he still couldn’t make Murong Qinygan drop the competition. Even if he wanted to use tough methods to make her withdraw, he didn’t have means to, so in the end, he could only go along with it.

As for what Murong Qingyan said, he didn’t know what was the truth, what not. Now he could only pin his hopes on Murong Qingxue. As long as she stood out in the Clan Assembly, then no one would care about Murong Qingyan’s shameful feat.


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