Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch68

Chapter 68: Charge!

T/N: Be warned! The crowd’s imagination in this chapter is… a bit descriptively…gory. Readers with a vivid imagination might want to skip a sentence after the distance is mentioned (2m, 1m…).  A whole of 4 words! Good luck!


“Murong Qingyan, if you know what’s good for you, you go roll¹ down this arena right now,” Wu Da looked at the standing opposite him Murong Qingyan with disdain. “Or don’t blame others, when just in a moment you lose your life.”

Wu Da didn’t want to fight her. She was nothing but a waste. Even if he won, there was nothing to be proud of.

“I don’t know how should I actually roll,” Murong Qingyan quirked her lips with a touch of a sneer. “Why don’t you show me how to do it first?”

At such exchange, the crowd burst into a laughter. Though it wasn’t known whom they laughed at, Murong Qingyan or Wu Da.

Hearing those words Wu Da’s expression immediately changed, and especially so, when he heard the jeering from the stands, his face paled considerably. “Well, Murong Qingyan, you don’t choose an open road to the heaven, but choose to push through hell, which doesn’t have a door. Since you don’t want to concede, don’t blame for being impolite then.”

Done speaking, Wu Da rushed straight at Murong Qingyan. In his heart, at the moment he was full of anger. A disfigured waste daring not only to compete with him but also unexpectedly to insult him at such a public occasion! Simply courting death!

Wu Da was tall and had a powerful build, even though he wasn’t part of a big family but a loose cultivator. Although his inborn mystic powers were insufficient, he was agile and couldn’t be underestimated.

Wu Da was very clear, that in this competition with his strength getting into top three was but a pipe dream, so his goal this time around was to join one of the Four Great Families.

That’s why it could be said that in this attack his strength was unleashed without reserve. To be noticed by the heads of those Great Families he had to show off his best abilities.

Wu Da’s body was tall and strong, muscles on his body bursting with power. Although he was young, he looked like a big, matured guy. At this point he already brandished his fist, aiming at Murong Qingyan’s head. They seemed to make a contrasting picture of a white rabbit fighting against a fierce tiger. Obviously, if his fist landed, Murong Qingyan’s head would be blown apart.

Most of the young ladies shut their eyes for fear seeing this cruel scene.

Murong Qingyan, with no change in expression, faced, his oncoming attack, looking lightly at him.

Two meters, one meter, fifty centimeters…

With the distance between the opponents getting closer and closer, the crowd could almost foresee the bloody scene of flesh and blood flying in all directions.

But right at this moment, all the people watching the fight on the arena suddenly got shocked silly.

Just as Wu Da’s fist reached Murong Qingyan, she extended her right hand, blocking his attack. Wu Da was unable to move further!

No one could believe what was going on the arena, they all wondered whether it was an illusion that they’d seen.

Wu Da couldn’t even imagine such a thing happening. Charging at Murong Qingyan he didn’t use his mysterious power. He thought that to deal with a waste like her, his raw strength would be more than enough.

Thus, he didn’t expect his attack to be unexpectedly blocked. Moreover, he exhausted all the strength in his body, making him now unable to move.

  1. roll down <- step down = concede – it’s a wordplay, so I tried to make it uhm… livelier with the roll (it’s one of the meanings in original,  as well).


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