Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch70

Chapter 70: Conclusion

Faced with unwilling Wu Da, not a trace of concern was heard in Murong Qingyan’s voice: “In this world, a loss is a loss. Only you yourself are to blame.”

She was particularly clear in her heart, this Wu Da looked down on her right from the get-go, so during the duel, he hadn’t used Xuan Li¹. However, even if he did, the result wouldn’t have changed. Wu Da was no match for her.

Wu Da scowled at her angrily, chagrin evident in his eyes. At this point, his heart was full of regret. Since he thought nothing of Murong Qingyan, he saw the use of Xuan Li as an overkill, so he just went ahead with a pure brute strength to attack her.

Besides, taking in consideration that Murong Qingyan being a waste, he thought a duel with her wouldn’t take up much of his time. But now he ended up right into the hands of this waste, and not only that, he was also humiliated in front of so many people!

Now, forget about being picked by one of the Four Great Families, he was afraid, even small families would scorn him.

Thinking of all this Wu Da glared at Murong Qingyan as if she was his mortal enemy, itching to kill her right then and there.

“A true gentleman should be able to admit his defeat,” unconcerned with the murderous glare Wu Da sent her way, Murong Qingyan coldly added, “You have to accept it the way it is. From the moment you looked down on me, you’ve already lost. You must be aware, that underestimating your opponent is like inviting death upon yourself.”

Done with her speech, she was ready to jump from the ring. However, before that, she sent the referee a look.

The still stunned judge sensed Murong Qingyan’s meaningful glance and couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. He immediately opened his mouth to pronounce, “This match, Murong Qingyan wins!”

A sudden reversal of the prior expectations made everyone feel… inconceivable.

After Murong Qingyan left the ring, she returned to her seat to sit there as before, she went on watching the ongoing match without any complacency in her posture.

Above the stands, though, Murong Qingxue at the moment didn’t have a good expression. She had never expected that Murong Qingyan, the waste, would actually win. Although that Wu Da wasn’t that powerful, he lost to the waste. Literally lost!

Even though Wu Da underestimated his opponent and hadn’t used his Xuan Li, but his inborn physical strength was nothing to scoff at. Murong Qingyan was able to intercept his punch, furthermore, she turned the anticipated defeat into victory. It seemed that she, Murong Qingxue, underestimated her as well.

When she heard that Murong Qingyan injured Lin Weiwei, she thought it to be a ruse. But now it looked to be actually true. However…

Thinking till there, Murong Qingxue’s eyes flashed with ruthlessness. Murong Qingyan advancing to the next round was a good thing for her. This way she had an opportunity to defeat her herself.

Even if she was lucky enough to win against Wu Da, Murong Qingyan would undoubtedly lose to her. She, Murong Qingxue, would stand on the ring above whilst Murong Qingyan utterly lost face.

She would let everyone know, that Murong Qingyan was a real waste. She would also make sure Murong Qingyan learned her lesson, that as a waste she should be good and stay in the corner, never to appear before people.

As if she felt Murong Qingxue’s ire meant for her, Murong Qingyan glanced in her direction. Noticing Qingxue’s expression, she lightly turned her head back to the arena.

Although she didn’t know what thoughts ran in Murong Qingxue’s head, she was aware, her half-sister definitely didn’t have any well-wishes for her. However… she didn’t care either way. On the ring, only the strength ruled.


  1. Xuan Li – known before as ‘mysterious force’. From this chapter onwards, pinyin for this term shall be used.



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