Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch72

Chapter 72: Provocation

Having learned who her opponent was, Murong Qingyan decided to go back to her seat. There were still six matches before hers.

But just as she turned around, even faster than her, a figure appeared in front of her, obstructing her path.

“Make way,” raising her head Murong Qingyan looked at the person in her way, no superfluous feelings attached.

“Why would my sister be so anxious?” Murong Qingxue, not batting an eyelash at the indifference aimed at her, put her arm out directly blocking Murong Qingyan’s way. “After all, we are sisters, and soon have to face each other in the ring. Does elder sister have nothing to say to me, her own sister?”

Murong Qingyan only slightly frowned, choosing not bother with whatever game Murong Qingxue wanted to play, and turned to leave.

Obviously, Murong Qingxue didn’t plan on letting her go so easily. As she looked at Murong Qingyan, a small smile appeared on her face: “Elder sister, in truth, I, the younger sister, don’t want to be your opponent. Even though our relationship isn’t deep, you’re still my sister, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”

“On the ring, the fist doesn’t have eyes, if the time comes and elder sister will get hurt, my heart will be ill at ease.”

“And so?” Watching Murong Qingxue’s innocent, good person act Murong Qingyan felt funny. “You just want to tell me about the dangers of the competition? If so, I’m well aware of them.”

She didn’t believe her sister would have such a kind intention as to entreat her to be careful. This Murong Qingxue, if she in her heart really considered Murong Qingyan to be her elder sister, she would have never hooked up with Nangong Ye in the first place.

“Elder sister, how about you withdraw from the competition?” For the sake of appearances Murong Qingxue put on a pure and kind smile on her face: “Having reached so far, elder sister has already proven her strength, but in the next round one can’t rely on luck to win.”

Murong Qingxue’s meaning was explicitly clear: Murong Qingyan reached this step only thanks to luck.

Once surrounding them people heard those words, more than a few of them sent Murong Qingyan looks full of scorn and contempt. This was especially true for those, who came to this point relying only on their own strength. The way they looked at Murong Qingyan was no different from when they looked at a nasty dirty thing.

As a matter of fact, it was true. From their point of view, they had to expend all their strength and then some to come this far. But Murong Qingyan? All this while, all she actually did was rely on her so-called luck.

Naturally, that would cause indignation to take root in their hearts, so that deep down they would think that Murong Qingyan didn’t qualify to stand on the same ring as the rest of them.

Noticing the looks others were giving her, Murong Qingyan finally understood what Murong Qingxue was trying to achieve. Murong Qingxue wanted to make all the people here hostile to her sister. It would have been even better if Murong Qingyan couldn’t bear their antagonism and would leave the competition of her own accord – consequently, becoming a joke to all those present. This outcome would have been what Murong Qingxue wished to see more than anything else!

Unfortunately, Murong Qingxue truly underestimated her too much. She, Murong Qingyan, paid no heed to what others thought or said about her. The hostility of these people, she didn’t put it in her eyes either. Due to such superficial emotions, she wouldn’t withdraw from the competition.

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