Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch73

Chapter 73: Sowing discord (part 1)

“Luck?” Murong Qingyan coldly smiled, looking at Murong Qingxue. “Even if I really came this far thanks to luck, then that’s my advantage. Don’t forget that luck is also part of the strength. Have you been talking so much because you feel inferior and jealous of my luck?”

“You-” Hearing such blunt words, Murong Qingxue was so mad she had almost choked on air, unable to speak.

But her acting skills were good, her heart strong, so she quickly masked her anger, putting an amiable smile on her face. “Why, dear elder sister! Actually, I’m just worried about you!”

“Murong Qingxue, there’s no need to put on an act here,” Murong Qingyan sneered, shaking her head. “Although we are sisters, everyone knows very well what kind of relationship we have. If you really thought in your heart of me as your elder sister, a lot of things would have never come to pass.”

Murong Qingyan’s speech caused a wave of disgust spread through people around them. The way others saw it, Murong Qingxue was merely worried about her elder sister, but the latter not only didn’t appreciate it, she even mocked her.

“Murong Qingyan, there’s no need to react so sharply, Xue-er was speaking only with good intentions in mind.” Nangong Ye interjected, his eyes fixed on Murong Qingyan, disgust clear in them.

Nangong Ye thought that the reason for Murong Qingyan’s ire was the matter of their engagement being broken off. He had been very clear of the feelings Murong Qingyan had for him, therefore he was certain that she couldn’t take it out on him, so she decided to vent her anger on Xue-er.

“Humph! In the end, you, Murong Qingyan, are simply jealous that Murong Qingxue won elder brother’s favor,” Nangong Shanshan who was standing at the sidelines, directly came up to Murong Qingyan, her disdain for the latter was plain on her face. She didn’t mince her words either: “Have you looked at yourself? Whether your looks or you being a waste, in what place do you deserve my elder brother, ah?”

This time, Murong Qingyan was truly speechless. She didn’t know how come she was suddenly unable to talk to or argue with Nangong Ye. Surely they wouldn’t think that she dared not blame Nangong Ye, so she blamed Murong Qingxue! By heaven’s will, ah! She was not the Murong Qingyan from before, she didn’t have even a speck of favorable impression of Nangong Ye!

“I’m not interested in your elder brother at all,” Murong Qingyan sneered. “What I’ve said is the truth. Drawing lots was already over and done with, when Murong Qingxue came  over to block my way, persuading me to give up on the competition, was it not so because she was jealous of my good luck?”

Saying so, Murong Qingyan turned her head to look at Murong Qingxue’s expression full of grievances. A profound smile rose at the corners of her lips as she watched her sister’s acting: “Murong Qingxue, you are not actually afraid that you will lose to me due to my exceptionally good luck, are you? Otherwise, why would you make so many unnecessary moves?”

Hearing such shameless words Murong Qingxue grew enraged.

People crowding them turned speechless as well. They had seen self-confidence before but had not actually seen such self-confidence without self-awareness. It had to be known if someone said that Murong Qingyan would defeat Murong Qingxue, even a three-year-old kid wouldn’t believe it!

Murong Qingyan’s luck was indeed very good to be able to get to the fourth round. But in the face of strength, even the best luck was useless. Murong Qingxue was now at the peak of early stage Foundation Establishment and soon was to break through to the mid-stage. A waste like Murong Qingyan, how could she compare to her?

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