Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch74

Chapter 74: Sowing discord (part 2)

“Murong Qingyan, you dare to boast with such big words!” Nangong Shanshan looked at her with contempt, and added, derision lacing her voice: “You think that you, a waste, can defeat Murong Qingxue. What a fool! Truly! Earlier, you defeated Wu Da only because he didn’t use his Xuan Li. Even if you’re physically stronger than Wu Da, in front of Murong Qingxue it’s like showing a meager skill in front of an expert.”

“Whatever I do or don’t do, you have no say in it,” Murong Qingyan sneered. “This matter is between me and Murong Qingxue, why do you feel the need to speak up for her? Are you her lapdog or something? Even speaking on her behalf!”

Murong Qingxue enjoyed inciting discord between people? What Murong Qingxue could do, Murong Qingyan could do it as well!

Hearing Murong Qingyan’s words, Murong Qingxue’s heart jumped. She immediately raised her head to look at Nangong Shanshan, and sure enough, her complexion turned dark.

Murong Qingxue’s heart felt ill at ease. It had to be known, this Nangong Shanshan was elder brother Nangong Ye’s sole little sister. Initially, in order to flatter her, Murong Qingxue just what kind of thing hadn’t thought of! And now just a few words from Murong Qingyan could ruin all her previous efforts.

“Elder sister, how could you say such a thing?” Murong Qingxue looked at Murong Qingyan with righteous indignation: “Everything Shanshan said is the truth, why do you accuse her so? Shanshan is my good sister. She was only incensed by your unjust remarks about me. Is there something wrong with it?”

“Elder sister, if you are unhappy with me, you can’t take it out on Shanshan.”

“Humph! No need to play it up here!” Apparently, Nangong Shanshan didn’t appreciate Murong Qingxue’s coming up to defend her. “I have no intention to meddle in your sisters’ matters.”

Done with her outburst, Nangong Shanshan fiercely glared at Murong Qingyan before turning to leave. Murong Qingxue noticed that Nangong Shanshan hadn’t even looked at her before she stalked away. Obviously, Murong Qingyan’s lashing out was to blame. Murong Qingxue’s mood also grew heavy.

“Brother Ye, I…” Murong Qingxue lowered her head, hiding a flash of resentment in her eyes: even though she was unhappy with Murong Qingyan at first, now she was unhappy with Nangong Shanshan as well.

To anyone who looked at Murong Qingxue’s pitiful countenance, it would seem Murong Qingxue was bullied and had eaten tons of undeserved grievances. And the big bad bully was none other than Murong Qingyan.

“Xue-er, Shanshan won’t be angry for long. Once I go back, I’ll talk to her, it’ll be fine.” Nangong Ye stepped forward, pulling Murong Qingxue in his arms.

Murong Qingxue didn’t speak up again, she just obediently settled into his arms.

Seeing this, Murong Qingyan felt nothing. She had turned around to walk away: such a love-story she wasn’t interested in watching.

Nestled in Nangong Ye’s arms, Murong Qingxue saw the back of leaving Murong Qingyan. A ruthless gleam shined in her eyes.

Initially, she just planned to defeat Murong Qingyan in the ring, so that everyone knew that she was incomparably better than her. But now she changed her mind. She had to give her a harsh lesson. She must let Murong Qingyan know just how formidable she, Murong Qingxue, was!

Because of Murong Qingyan, she and Nangong Shanshan had a falling-out. After dealing with Murong Qingyan she also had to find a find a way to coax Nangong Shanshan, that fool. Even though Shanshan was stupid, she was, after all, Nangong Ye’s only sister.


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