Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch76

Chapter 76: Nangong Ye vs. Qiuyuan Yi (part 2)

In the ring, the two had exchanged greetings and without a prior agreement, simultaneously took action.

Nangong Ye’s figure suddenly vanished from sight, reappearing the next moment right in front of Qiuyuan Yi! His fist enveloped by white Xuan Li flew straight at Qiuyuan Yi’s head!

Qiuyuan Yi’s pupil shrunk minutely, his body abruptly arched back, narrowly avoiding the punch.

Nangong Ye didn’t feel disappointed with a failure of his attack. With a gentle smile on his lips he instantly changed his pathing.

Qiuyuan Yi merely sensed a shadow passed by him, as a burst of fierce wind blew past him.

Encountering such speed even Qiuyuan had to exclaim in surprise. So fast! His feet glided on the ground, shifting a step to the left, he tilted his head abruptly to the side, thus successfully evading Nanong Ye’s attack once more.

Faced with Nangong Ye’s fierce onslaught, Qiuyuan decided not to dodge anymore. As Xuan Li swiftly condensed around his fists, he lunged towards Nangong Ye.

Unexpectedly, his speed wasn’t much slower than that of Nangong Ye. In the ring, it was impossible to tell that he was actually suffering from an illness. At the moment his strength was comparable with Nangong Ye’s, no less.

In the face of Qiuyuan Yi’s attack Nanong Ye neither hesitated nor did he hide. He swiftly gathered his spiritual energy in his hands and immediately counterattacked Qiuyuan Yi.

As a result of such a close exchange of blows, Xuan Li of opposing parties collided, causing a sound of an explosion rock throughout the arena, a dazzling light made the onlookers involuntary protect their eyes from it. Due to the impact, the ground around the two contestants shook and gave in, its chunks and gravel flying out.

In such a violent collision, both of them staggered back. Nangong Ye took back two and a half steps, while Qiuyuan Yi moved three steps. The outcome of the battle could be already foreseen.

Onlookers mood soared watching this intense fight, such a violent clash obviously brought them excitement.

“Heavens, what a wonderful match! Who would have thought that already in the fourth round we will get to see so much action! Really worth a trip, ah!”

“These Nangong Ye and Qiuyuan Yi are both famous prodigies, no wonder their duel is this good!”

“If my strength was half of theirs, then it would have already been very good!”

All kinds of discussions unceasingly spread throughout the stands, no one could stay indifferent in the face of this marvelous match.

On the stands above, Nangong Ting and Qiuyuan Lishang also paid attention to the ring in all seriousness.

However, Nangong Ting obviously had a brighter expression, since it was clear just by looking at the ring that Nangong Ye fared slightly better than Qiuyuan Yi in this exchange.

“These two children are pretty good,” Feng Fei, who was near them, nodded in appreciation. “In the future, their achievements will certainly have no bounds. Master Nangong, Master Qiuyuan, your good fortunes are truly not lacking, ah!”

“General Feng overpraises, this is just a small feat, nothing more,” although Nangong Ting was humble in his words, a complacent expression could be seen on his face.

Qiuyuan Lishang said nothing, his attention glued to the ring. Although he knew that currently Qiuyuan Yi was not able to defeat Nangong Ye, he still had a glimmer of hope.

The time in the ring had not stopped though, Nangong Ye’s and Qiuyuan Yi’s duel still went on as strong as before.

The ring’s fence was by now completely destroyed. One could infer just from that fact how strong they were and how intense the fight was.


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