Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch77

Chapter 77: Nangong Ye vs. Qiuyuan Yi (part 3)

Nangong Ye and Qiuyuan Yi kept circling and fighting each other, not letting up in the slightest. The ring shook with the force they extended.

Nangong Ye glanced at Qiuyuan Yi in front of him, eyes flickering with displeasure. Although he knew that Qiuyuan Yi was strong, he didn’t expect his opponent to persist for so long. Despite the difference in their cultivation levels, Qiuyuan Yi gave him no opening for a final blow.

It looked like he could not hide his strength if he wanted to win this round.

Coming to this conclusion, the air around Nangong Ye suddenly changed completely. His original cultivation of mid-stage Opening Period¹ started climbing up, it rose swiftly until finally coming to a stop at the late-stage.

Although it was only a leap in a small cultivation realm, it still shocked the spectators.

It had to be known, although it was merely an advance from mid- to the late-stage within the same cultivation realm, it definitely was not a walk in a park. A lot of people had to train for years and still couldn’t achieve this breakthrough. Nangong Ye obviously didn’t break through to the late-stage right here in the ring, so there was only one possibility: earlier he had been hiding his cultivation.

“It’s the late-stage of the Opening Period!” Bei Yuan even jumped from his chair from the shock. “This youngster’s, Nangong Ye’s, cultivation has already reached this point!”

Originally, as Nangong Ye was able to reach the mid-stage of Opening Period at his age, his talent was naturally considered very good. But now, it was clear that he actually succeeded in breaking through to the late-stage. Nangong family had such a formidable heir… If their Bei family wanted to contend with them, he was afraid, it would not be easy.

“Master Nangong truly hides deep,” Qiuyuan Lishang meaningfully glanced at Nangong Ting, his tone carrying a trace of dissatisfaction. “Nangong Ye, this kid, reached the late-stage, ah! Yet, you didn’t tell us, so that we could celebrate with you, ah!”

Nangong Ting, apparently, heard the insincerity in his words but didn’t care about, instead, with all the smiles he parried: “It’s not a big deal. Why bother everyone with such a small matter?”

Qiuyuan Lishang coldly snorted, and without saying anything turned his head back to watch the match, no longer bothering with Nangong Ting.

“Nangong Ye, this kid, is indeed a fine seedling,” Feng Fei’s appreciation could clearly be seen in his eyes. “At such a young age attaining this level of cultivation… he has a chance to catch up with Murong Xizhao from back then.”

“General Feng overpraises,” Nangong Ting cupped his fists towards Feng Fei. He added with a smile: “My son, how could he compare with the glory of Murong Xizhao in the olden days? He is merely a bit more hardworking than others.”

Saying so, Nangong Ting turned to look at Murong Xiong: “Master Murong, is that not so?”

Hearing Nangong Ting’s words, Murong Xiong’s face immediately drained of color. Mentioning Murong Xizhao in the Murong family was a taboo.

If Murong Xizhao returned, Murong family would certainly be in a leading position. But since Murong Xizhao went missing back then, Murong family kept declining with each passing day. It was also for this reason Murong Xiong hated Murong Qingyan to the bones, blaming the disappearance of Murong Xizhao on her.

The power struggle on the stands aside, the two contestants in the ring didn’t stand still, the intense fight kept on going strong.

However, despite Qiuyuan Yi’s good foundation and technique, the difference of the two small realms was not an easy matter to compete against. Even if he gave it his all, it was impossible to overcome this gap.


  1. In the original text of chapter 77 it is stated that Nangong Ye’s cultivation is at the late stage of Core Formation (心动, xīn dòng), but in later chapters author changed his cultivation level to the late stage of Opening Period (开光, kāi guāng), therefore, to avoid readers’ confusion I took liberty to make it consistent throughout the novel.
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