Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch78

Chapter 78: Nangong Ye’s victory


With another explosive collision, Nangong Ye and Qiuyuan Yi met each other’s attacks head-on.

The two men separated: Nangong Ye almost fell to the ground but in the end managed to hold himself steady. He stood firm, though pale. It didn’t seem like he received a serious injury.

On the other hand, Qiuyuan Yi wasn’t so lucky. He directly slumped on the ring.  This time his noble purple clothes were sullied with dirt, his face white and transparent, a trace of blood could be seen in the corner of his mouth.

Such a sharp contrast. Discerning people could already see the outcome. With the one still standing straight and tall, the victory and defeat could be inferred.

“Nangong Ye wins!” A loud and clear voice resounded once more.The outcome of the battle had been decided.

Qiuyuan Yi struggled to stand up and saluted towards Nangong Ye. Although he had lost, his expression didn’t betray any frustration, he was calm and indifferent. This kind of bearing was more than enough to impress the spectators.

“You let me win,” Nangong Ye responded while cupping his fists across his chest.

Afterwards, they turned around to leave the ring.

The moment the two of them turned around, the crowd erupted in cheers. They cheered not only for the winner, Nangong Ye but also for Qiuyuan Yi. Glory in victory, poise in defeat.

As soon as Nangong Ye came back to his seat, he took out a vial of pills from his pocket and swallowed the pills without wasting a moment. Although he won this match, he didn’t do so unscathed: his injury wasn’t light.

Having taken the medicine, Nangong Ye’s eyes flashed darkly. Albeit he didn’t say anything on the ring, regarding today’s match he didn’t feel that he was the one who won.

His cultivation was two small realms higher than his opponent’s, yet they still ended up entangled for so long, before he could achieve victory. Although Qiuyuan Yi had been injured, he didn’t ask for any allowances.

If Qiuyuan Yi didn’t suffer from his inborn disease, what kind of cultivation would his possess this day? Who could say?

However, even though this Qiuyuan Yi was a genius, fortunately, he didn’t pose a threat to him. A person without a future, how could he be his opponent?

Coming to this conclusion, Nangong Ye finally felt his heart at ease.

No one knew what Nangong Ye thought in his heart at the moment, but they had seen was him taking a pill and peacefully executing a breathing technique.

Nangong Ting was in an exceptional mood, Qiuyuan Lishang’s mood, though, was anything but good. However, he didn’t blame his son, instead, he asked after him with concern. He made sure that Qiuyuan Yi’s wounds were treated and urged him to go back to the residence to recuperate as soon as possible.

After all, Qiuyuan Yi’s health was different from others.

Nangong Ye and Qiuyuan Yi’s match was so splendid, that it made all the following ones lose its luster. However, as the two people made their way on the ring, the public’s interest was again piqued in a flash.

“Seventh match. Murong Qingyan vs. Murong Qingxue.”

As the loud voice reverberated across the arena, Murong Qingyan and Murong Qingxue came up to the ring and faced each other.

Murong Qingxue stood there, dressed in a pale white muslin skirt, nevertheless somehow it looked simple and elegant with a somewhat earthy temperament, a wide white train trailing behind her, elegant and luxurious, her black hair as if it was a black silk, was coiled in a simple flying immortal bun, with only a white band tying it as decoration, letting her luxuriant glossy hair cascade down. Her eyes, beautiful and self-pleased, overflowed with rich color, a slight smile hung on her red lips.

It could be said, Murong Qingxue, her whole person, appeared particularly quiet and exquisite, simply refined. It felt like a celestial maiden descended on earth by mistake, and having stolen a glance at her, no one would be able to look away from her.


Agnie’s yet another hasty corner:

First things first:

In this chapter, there’re 2 puns at Murong Qingxue’s expense. I did try to pass them along, but…they’re too mild to be caught in the text, so here’s a bit of Author’s humor:

  1. To describe Qingxue’s skirt is used a word that has quite a bit of meanings. Some of them are… diluted, pale, weak and tasteless. Well. Pick the one that you feel fits the best.
  2. Qingxue’s eyes. Yes, beautiful, but the word describing them also has a meaning of self-pleased, self-satisfied, so, thank you, Author, in case we missed it before, now we know for sure what kind of birch that Qingxue is.

As for her Flying Immortal hairstyle,  since it’s mentioned as simple it would be something along this line: 

Flying Immortal Bun 飞仙髻

However, there’re many variations of them that would give their wearer a headache, literally and figuratively.

And unrelated to the chapter’s content per se, but this time I just couldn’t hold myself back from munching on it.  This whole chapter I was in a state of a long meditation:

“ummmm… ummm? So you’re not so dumb as you seem Nangong Ye. Ok.

Uhm.kekekeke, Nangong Ye, you’re so gonna get your balls served back to you by that not-a-threat guy one day. I just feel it (ps. mind you, guys, I read as I’m translating, so no spoilers from me, only conjectures). kekekeke

Umm… I can only hope my pain in translating her looks prior the battle will be paid off with a complete reversal after it. Well, I don’t mind this reversal in the middle either. Hurry up, Author!”

Anyway, until the last moment, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make in time, but here we are.

Have a great end of the week, everyone! Lots of hugs <3


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