Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch80

Chapter 80: Sisters battle (part 1)

Looking at Murong Qingxue’s guileless appearance, Murong Qingyan felt pure disgust in her heart. “If we fight, then let’s fight, what’s the use of so much idle talk?”

Murong Qingyan wished to accompany Murong Qingxue’s act no longer and as soon as her words fell, she charged at her straight away.

Yet, in a time it took to blink, Murong Qingyan’s figure disappeared from the ring, only a residue of her shadow could be seen at the place she was standing.

Ding! And once again people were able to see Murong Qingyan, she had appeared right in front of Murong Qingxue.

Even before Murong Qingyan’s dash came to a complete halt, she stretched out her long leg to kick Murong Qingxue.

Faced with such a sudden attack, Murong Qingxue only managed to cross her arms in front of her chest in time, trying to resist an oncoming strike, and she did so, a loud bang resounded in the ring. However, despite her efforts, when she was hit, she was forced several steps back.

As the attack landed, Murong Qingyan immediately took a step back, turning her body inclining sideways, her legs shooting out alternately as she continued to barrage Murong Qingxue with kicks.

Met with this kind of intense onslaught, Murong Qingxue clenched her teeth, as she stabilized her body, and parried Murong Qingyan’s blows, facing them head-on!

Although neither of them let up on their attacks, a discerning eye could see that in this direct combat the one that was on a losing end was actually Murong Qingxue. Because she was forced to retreat step by step by Murong Qingyan.

“Murong Qingyan, you’re courting death!”

While Murong Qingxue had to fall back step after step, she looked at Murong Qingyan and murderous intent burst within her eyes. As she glared at Murong Qingyan, she was itching to kill her right then and there.

Deciding so, Murong Qingxue’s eyes turned red as she condensed Xuan Li right away, with all the power pushed into her right hand she attacked Murong Qingyan at once.

Murong Qingxue’s palm glowed with bright white light giving off a dangerous feeling as it headed towards Murong Qingyan’s face. This strike alone was difficult for an average person to overcome, to say nothing of a waste who was unable to use Xuan Li.

Witnessing this scene, almost everyone could foresee, that Murong Qingyan would soon be knocked down, even her small poor life might get extinguished.

Nonetheless, even then in their hearts wasn’t even a bit of sympathy towards Murong Qingyan, In their opinion, Murong Qingyan brought this upon herself. A good-for-nothing waste actually couldn’t distinguish good from bad, but still chose to show off at the Clan Assembly. Simply a fool, nothing more. Therefore, even if she lost her life, she deserved it.

In the face of Murong Qingxue’s merciless attack, Murong Qingyan sneered in her heart. Surprisingly, it looked like Murong Qingxue got impatient enough to disregard her own image and send Murong Qingyan to her death. Yet, it was still unknown, who the winner would be.

Murong Qingyan’s expression was still calm and mild as before, she lightly leaned her body to the side, nimbly avoiding Murong Qingxue’s attack, instantly Xuan Li was condensed in her hand as she grabbed a hold of Murong Qingxue’s right hand, in one go she dissolved latter’s Xuan Li and broke her hand in an instant.

A sharp snapping sound was followed by Murong Qingxue’s, impossible to contain, painful cry.

However, at the time she was in no state to even think about the pain in her hand. She had been completely stunned by what happened just a moment ago, she stared at Murong Qingyan in absolute disbelief.



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