Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch81

Chapter 81: Sisters’ battle (part 2)

“How… H-how… can that be?”

For Murong Qingxue, there was no way for her to believe what had just happened. Murong Qingyan was obviously a waste, it was absolutely impossible for her to cultivate. But just a moment ago she had seen it, she had seen Murong Qingyan using Xuan Li.

Moreover, she could feel that Murong Qingyan’s Xuan Li rank, astonishingly, was higher than her own.

Not only Murong Qingxue, actually, no one could believe their eyes. All along they thought Murong Qingyan being a waste. In the previous rounds, Murong Qingyan had not used Xuan Li even once, so everyone naturally believed her still to be a waste.

But now they had watched that legendary waste unexpectedly condensed Xuan Li. Furthermore, her cultivation stage was not low.

“This… How is this possible?” Amongst the audience, Murong Xiong was shocked to the extreme, he even stood up.

He looked at Murong Qingyan in the ring, daring not to believe his eyes. Since Murong Qingyan back then was tested to have no Xuan Li root whatsoever and therefore unable to cultivate, he had never again faced this granddaughter of his. Later, when Murong Xizhao and his wife rushed all around time and time again looking for any means to cure her, he chose to sit on the sidelines.

After Murong Xizhao disappeared because of this, he had disliked Murong Qingyan even more. He neither knew what kind of treatment Murong Qingyan received in the family nor did he care about it.

Yet,, what he witnessed just now was that Murong Qingyan, who had been always called a waste, used Xuan Li. On top of that, her Xuan Li had reached a late stage of Foundation Establishment, only a step away from next stage. At the same time, Qingxue was only at its early stage of Foundation Establishment.

Faces of the three other family heads also portrayed different expressions of shock and astonishment. However, they didn’t feel any sense of crisis after seeing Murong Qingyan display her skill.

Murong Qingyan was called a waste since the young age, one could imagine just what kind of good treatment she received in the Murong family all her life. And judging by the look of Murong Xiong at the moment, it was obvious that only today he found out about Murong Qingyan’s abilities. Therefore, there was no need to worry about her choosing to help Murong Clan and boosting their strength.

“Ai ya, what an amazing surprise, ah!” Qiuyuan Lishang mocked with a smile. “Master Murong, who would have thought that your Murong family had such a card up their sleeve! This Murong Qingyan’s Xuan Li rank isn’t low! At such a young age she already achieved a late stage of Foundation Establishment! Truly worthy of congratulations, ah!”

“Yeah!” Bei Yuan also jibed in sync. “I thought Murong Qingxue’s talent was considered pretty good, but now it seems her elder sister is even better!”

Beside them, Nangong Ting hadn’t said a word, his complexion at the moment was anything but good.

Listening to the taunting from Qiuyuan Lishang and Bei Yuan, Murong Xiong’s mien was getting uglier by the second. If anyone else in his Murong family had such a talent, he certainly would have been much happier. But this talent belonged to Murong Qingyan, so his feelings were complicated.

Because in his heart he was clear, Murong Qingyan didn’t have any sense of belonging to the Murong family.

As Nangong Ye silently watched the battle on the ring, he didn’t reveal any thoughts on his face, but his eyes flashed with darkness.

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