Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch82

Chapter 82: Sisters’ battle (part 3)

“Murong Qingyan, how… how could you…” Murong Qingxue had no choice but to believe the facts, “You! You’ve been acting all along! Your schemes truly run deep enough, ah!”

“My matters surely I don’t need to report to you,” Murong Qingyan scoffed at her. “As for acting, I think you’re much better at it than me! Otherwise, so many people wouldn’t be led around by the nose by your acting skills.”

“Murong Qingyan, don’t think you can just slander me!” Murong Qingxue coldly glared at her. “Even if you can use Xuan Li now, but so what! I absolutely won’t lose to you!”

After a brief shock, she quickly regained her senses. Even if Murong Qingyan could cultivate, it didn’t change anything. For a long time now she had always been practicing unique techniques of Murong family, so her being only at the early stage of Foundation Establishment, she was absolutely confident that she wouldn’t lose to anyone.

And since Murong Qingyan had no standing in Murong family, she had no access to its resources and unique techniques. That’s why she didn’t believe she would lose to Murong Qingyan.

Moreover, with this opportunity, she would certainly seize a chance to remove Murong Qingyan for good. Murong Qingyan could now actually use Xuan Li and her cultivation didn’t seem to be low. After this Clan Assembly, she feared, Murong Qingyan’s status in the family would rise swiftly.  She would never allow Murong Qingyan to threaten her own standing in the family, therefore, today Murong Qingyan had to be dealt with. Even if she couldn’t eliminate her, she had to cripple her completely, after all, that was her original goal.

Thinking thus, Murong Qingxue’s eyes flashed with ruthless, killing intent.

In a moment, Murong Qingxue started to revolve her Xuan Li again, mobilizing all the Xuan Li near her and transferring it into her body, so even that a strong vibration could be felt in the surrounding air.

Spectators, seeing this happen, couldn’t help but lean forward to take a closer look at her.

Murong Qingxue raised both of her hands together and then spread them apart, in front of her appeared a white greatsword condensed through Xuan Li, that looked even bigger than her own person.

Almost all of the people there could sense bursts of power coming off this huge greatsword, and its strong forcefield making some of them feel like they were unable to draw in a breath.

“It’s formed using Xuan Li! Who would have thought, that this Murong Qingxue, albeit being only at the early stage of Foundation Establishment, was actually capable of accomplishing this!”

Everyone knew that forming objects using Xuan Li wasn’t an easy matter, one had to reach at least Opening Period to be able to do so. Even those with a good talent first had to reach a late stage of Foundation Establishment.

However, now it was evident, that Murong Qingxue could use Xuan Li to form objects at her early stage of Foundation Establishment. It was indeed inconceivable!

Murong Xiong was certainly delighted, as could be seen on his face. He’d never imagined Murong Qingxue would bring him such a pleasant surprise.

This time, everyone understood, that the current level of strength Murong Qingxue displayed just now was much higher than they earlier believed. If her attack landed, then Murong Qingyan was likely to lose her life.


With a soft cry, Murong Qingxue pushed both of her hands forward, the white greatsword shot straight at Murong Qingyan. Such fierce attack, one couldn’t avoid it. It was clear, even if Murong Qingyan didn’t die in its aftermath, she would be at least half-dead.


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