Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch85

Chapter 85: Sisters’ battle (Part 5)

This time Murong Qingyan didn’t use Xuan Li, she only used her physical strength, her fist smashing right into Murong Qingxue’s nose.

Since Murong Qingxue had exhausted all her strength earlier and now didn’t have any more energy to evade, she could only stand there and watch helplessly as Murong Qingyan’s fist was getting closer and closer, and in a blink of an eye, she felt a sharp pain in her nose.

No one thought that Murong Qingyan would move so bluntly, so fast. Especially those spectators. They had seen a lot of competitions but rarely witnessed such a straightforward, simple punch. Even more so, considering the fact that the battle was between two strong opponents.

As Murong Qingxue covered her nose with a hand, a warm sticky liquid sluggishly dripped on it. Having wiped her nose, she looked at her hand, on it was bright red blood. She didn’t dare believe her eyes.

“Murong Qingxue, no need to be surprised,” Before moving away from her, Murong Qingyan leaned close to her, whispering in her ear: “I’ve given you a chance to admit defeat, but since you are unwilling to concede, then I’ll have to be impolite.”

Murong Qingxue’s eyes flew wide open in a panic. Although she didn’t know what Murong Qingyan planned to do, she knew it was not a good thing. She had a feeling, if she didn’t admit defeat now, her face just might be swept to the floor.

It was only a pity, there were such times when a person just didn’t have the means to follow their heart’s desire. Sometimes, when an opportunity was missed, it was no longer an easy matter to step down the ring, even if one wished to.

While Murong Qingxue was thinking of opening her mouth to concede, Murong Qingyan’s leg once more went into action.

This kick still didn’t have an ounce of Xuan Li in it, yet when it fiercely landed on Murong Qingxue’s abdomen, she was knocked down.

Without coming to a stop, a corner of Murong Qingyan’s lips hooked in a light sneer, with her toes she pushed Murong Qingxue to the ground, as she fisted her palm and rained down punches straight into Murong Qingxue’s beautiful face.

Murong Qingxue’s delicate, pretty face quickly swelled up, with an addition to her bleeding nose, the whole person appeared especially battered and exhausted. Her originally graceful and gentle image was nowhere to be found.

Every gesture, every motion of Murong Qingyan was like moving clouds and flowing water, such display was so smooth and fluent, making observers stunned.

“Murong Qingyan, stop right now!” Murong Xiong on the stands above finally shouted, unable to stand this any longer.

One had to know, that Murong Qingxue was not only a member of Murong family but also it’s representative. Now, Murong Qingyan trampled her on the ground along with Murong family’s face and honor. How could he tolerate it!

Hearing the order, only a taunting smirk emerged on Murong Qingyan’s face, her fists hadn’t paused even for a second.

“You, evil creature! I told you to stop, did you hear me?!”

Seeing that Murong Qingyan paid him no attention at all, doing her thing without a care for him, Murong Xiong’s rage escalated.

“Master Murong, although you are the head of the family, you shouldn’t interfere with the competition’s proceedings.” Murong Qingyan’s foot rested on Murong Qingxue as she continued: “The reason I haven’t stopped, is that Murong Qingxue hasn’t admitted her loss”.


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