Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch86

Chapter 86

The words Murong Qingyan spoke were all in accordance with the rules of the competition, Murong Xiong felt stifled, but couldn’t find a way to retort. If he could, he would have loved nothing more than to swat her to death right this instant.

“Murong Qingyan, why is there need to be ruthless like this?” At his seat on the stands, Nangong Ye also couldn’t bear it any longer and started to speak up. He looked at Murong Qingxue on the ground, concern and distress flickered in his eyes, but his glare at Murong Qingyan brimmed with loathing. “Just by looking one could tell that Xue-er already lost to you. Must you continue like this? Gotten an inch and still reaching for a mile?”

Unlike her face off with Murong Xiong, Murong Qingyan didn’t even spare a glance at Nangong Ye. She swiftly grabbed Murong Qingxue and lifted her up with a single hand, corners of her mouth raised with an evil smirk: “What do you say, Murong Qingxue? Do you want to admit defeat now? Or do you want me to continue beating you up? I’m fine with whatever you choose.”

“If you admit defeat, you should say it out loud to let everyone know that you, Murong Qingxue, lost to Murong Qingyan, this waste.”

As she stopped speaking, the evilness disappeared from her expression along with a smile. Very likely, this time Murong Qingxue felt that the suffering she had to endure by conceding was even worse than if she was killed.

Murong Qingxue ruthlessly glared at Murong Qingyan, and if it was any other time, this look would certainly have been fierce and intimidating. It was only a pity, that right now Murong Qingxue’s white dress was already dirtied, her appearance, to put it mildly, was messy and disheveled, and her usually sweet and charming face looked more like a pig-head. What she actually thought to be a cruel and malicious glare, in truth was a particularly ridiculous sight.

“You are not giving up, right?” Murong Qingyan’s lips once again got an evil edge to them. She immediately dropped Murong Qingxue, her fist followed its target once more, almost reaching it, yet…

“I admit defeat.” Just as the punch was about to land a hoarse voice was finally heard.

Ultimately, Murong Qingxue threw in a towel, although even earlier it was clear that she was already beaten in a hopeless position.

Following Murong Qingxue’s surrender, Murong Qingyan’s attack also came to an abrupt halt. Although the fist stopped in time, a burst of the wind force accompanying the blow couldn’t be stopped and reached Murong Qingxue, hurting her slightly. Even so, Murong Qingxue rejoiced, because if the fist actually landed on her, she had no idea what consequences she would suffer.

Since Murong Qingxue admitted defeat, Murong Qingyan, naturally wouldn’t act savage. Especially so, considering the fact that they are under a public scrutiny. However…

Murong Qingyan raised a corner of her mouth in a shallow smile, laughing grimly in her heart. Did Murong Qingxue really think this was the end?

In the past, hadn’t Murong Qingxue always treated Murong Qingyan as a waste and kept insulting and humiliating her all the time? She was going to let Murong Qingxue also have a taste of what it was like to be a waste.

Although it couldn’t have been detected at the time, her sword attack was anything but ordinary. Did Murong Qingxue actually think that only her five viscera and six bowels were severely injured? Back then, in that lightsaber attack, she channeled her unique xuanli, namely that golden light.

Those specks of golden light were not so simple: they would severe Murong Qingxue’s meridians, making her unable to cultivate anymore. She believed, Murong Qingxue would find out that soon enough.

“Murong Qingyan wins!”

As the voice of the judge fell, the battle between Murong sisters officially came to an end. This kind of outcome was inconceivable, but nevertheless actually happened.


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