Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch87

Chapter 87: Redressing injustice

This was also the first time that, when the judge announced the outcome, there was no response whatsoever. This time spectators didn’t know how they should react.

The moment the judge made his announcement, Nangong Ye rushed in the ring. When he had seen Murong Qingxue’s injuries close up, his complexion turned extremely ugly.

“Murong Qingyan, you’re truly too vicious,” Nangong Ye’s eyes brimmed with loathing. “No matter what, Xue-er is your younger sister, and you still went so far as to ruin her appearance like that?”

“Eldest young master Nangong, please, take a look at where you’re standing right now, ok?” A mocking smile played on Murong Qingyan’s lips. “In the ring, the fist has no eyes. From the very beginning I gave her opportunity to concede, yet, she wasn’t willing to. Thus, she turned into this.”

“It’s fine, older brother Ye, let’s drop it.” Murong Qingxue tugged at Nangong Ye’s sleeves and said, looking the aggrieved part: “Take me down the ring first, ok?”

If it was any other time, when Murong Qingxue pulled this kind of act, she would surely make people want to pamper her. Only, it was a pity that her usually loveable face now turned into a pig-head and combined with this move, all the effect it had, was to make people’s hair stand on ends.

Hearing Murong Qingxue’s voice laced with unjust suffering, Nangong Ye’s heart and soul went out to her as he turned his eyes back to her in time to see her pitiful act. Instantly, he almost wished he could dig his eyes out.

Seeing this play out, Murong Qingyan could barely hold in her laughter. This Murong Qingxue didn’t have the slightest bit of self-awareness, ah! Shaking her head, she jumped down the ring at once and returned to her seat to watch the following matches.

After this battle, no one dared to belittle Murong Qingyan again. The one initially thought to be a waste actually turned out to be a hidden genius.

As long as one had eyes, one could see that Murong Qingyan was at the peak of the late stage of Foundation Establishment, just a step away from a breakthrough. This kind of cultivating speed and talent at her age was something extraordinary. And exactly because of this, it was unknown, for what reason had Murong Qingyan concealed her strength until now?

Although her cultivation couldn’t compare to Nangong Ye’s, she was definitely one of the best amongst her peers.

In the face of the curious and inquisitive glances thrown her way, Murong Qingyan still felt unconcerned and aloof.

In her next battle, Murong Qingyan also swiftly defeated her opponent, which forced people once again to re-evaluate her abilities.

Drawing closer to the finals, the first three places were quickly taken. The third amongst those was Qiuyuan family’s Qiuyuan Yi, even though he lost to Nangong Ye in their match earlier. However, since there was an insufficient number of competitors during playoffs and all the experts considered drawing lots to be unfair, therefore, a person had to be chosen amongst those eliminated earlier based on their excellent strength and abilities.

Qiuyuan Yi seized this opportunity and who would care to disagree? After all, his strength was there for everyone to see.

Finally, there were two others who progressed up to finals. Apart from Nangong Ye, whose chances spectators were most sure and optimistic about, the other one was who made everyone astonished – Murong Qingyan.

Although everyone knew that Nangong Ye would surely win, they still were eager to see this match. Especially so, since it was a showdown between ex-fiances. It could be said to be the most awaited match of the tournament these days.


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