Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch88

Chapter 88: Postponed

Originally, the tournament’s schedule was fixed, but due to the bumps along the road, the finals happened to coincide with the Birthday celebrations of His Majesty, the Galuo Emperor, thus there was no other choice but to postpone the final match for a day.

Taking advantage of such a rare opportunity, Murong Qingyan rested in her courtyard and, naturally, she hadn’t forgotten about cultivating, putting in her best effort during this time.

But no matter what she couldn’t figure out, why she couldn’t take a step further. She certainly felt that her foundation was stable and solid, yet, she just could not push through that thin film, separating her from the Opening Period.

“Master, the difference in strength between you and Nangong Ye is just too huge.” Little White looked at Murong Qingyan with worry in his eyes: “I’m afraid you stand no chance against him.”

“I will definitely win,” said Murong Qingyan, exuding a stunning self-confidence, however, soon, she voiced her misgivings: “Lil’ White, tell me, why can’t I break through to the Opening Period no matter what I do? The Xuan Li in my body is certainly rich and abundant, I can feel it. I can even push against the barrier, but I’m not able to break through it.”

“Master, the matters of cultivation are originally not determined,” Little White extended his front paw to scratch his head, looking quite uncertain himself. “At the moment you must be only lacking a fortuitous encounter. When the time comes, you’ll surely achieve a breakthrough.”

“Forget about it, these matters can neither be forced or hurried,” Murong Qingyan sighed with helpless reluctance. “However, this cultivators’ block feels truly… a little stifling.”

“That’s right, master! You shouldn’t think too much about it.” Little White comforted her: “The most important thing now is to win this competition.”

“En,” Murong Qingyan nodded. “After the Clan Assembly I will be leaving Murong family, but before that, the accounts that I have to settle here shall be settled.”

As she was speaking, her eyes flashed with a chilling light. Even if she had to leave, she would do so upright and frank, with her head raised high. She had to let everyone know, that Murong Qingyan was no waste. She would let everyone know, that it’s not Nangong Ye who didn’t want to be with her, but it was her, Murong Qingyan, who didn’t want anything to do with Nangong Ye!

This was the last thing she could do for the late Murong Qingyan.

“Master, what are you thinking about?” Seeing Murong Qingyan lost in thought, Little White tilted his head with curiosity.

“Nothing much.” Murong Qingyan lightly shook her head. Then, as if nothing had happened, she pulled her lips into an inquisitive smile. “It has been a couple of days already since I had seen my good little sister. I wonder, how is she doing.”

“She ought to have all her meridians clogged by now and unable to cultivate anymore,” said Little White. “The power of life force you left in her body is very violent.”

“Indeed! But then again, this power of life force is pretty mysterious in itself.” Murong Qingyan nodded, agreeing. “But, Lil’ White, how come I have it in my Xuan Li in the first place?”

When it came to the Power of Life, Murong Qingyan felt quite confused. From the very start, she thought that what had happened back then made her Xuan Li impure. Later though, through Lil’ White’s explanation she learned that it actually was a Power of Life.

But regarding this Power of Life Lil’ White also knew only tidbits about it. The only thing he was sure about was that it was not harmful, but very beneficial to her.

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