Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch89

Chapter 89: Murong Qingxue

“Master, who cares where does this power come from as long as it’s not harmful and beneficial to you? Also, Master, haven’t you agreed to help Qiuyuan Yi? With this power, it’ll be a breeze! Half the effort, twice the effect.”

Regarding origins of this power, Little White wasn’t quite clear himself, so he could only try to laugh it off.

Seeing that Little White is also helpless, Murong Qingyan decided not to care much about it. She stood up, dusting off her clothes, a mischievous smile gracing her lips: “Well, it seems there’s no point in continuing to cultivate anymore for now. Might as well go and have a look at my good little sister! We don’t want to let all her efforts in ‘taking care of me’ go to waste, right?”

Little White covered his mouth with his tiny paw, snickering: “Master, once she sees you now, she will be so angry, enough to be spurting blood!”

“It has nothing to do with me,” Murong Qingyan’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. “At first, I didn’t intend to do it like this, but, unfortunately, her good mother took things too far.”

“Master, I won’t go with you,” Little White said, jumping on her shoulder. “I’ll go into the space first.”

“Very well,” Murong Qingyan lightly nodded.

Very quickly Murong Qingyan left her own courtyard and walked towards Murong Qingxue’s.

The people, who encountered her along the way, couldn’t help but lower themselves, greeting her.

Following the affair, when Murong Qingyan displayed her strength, this kind of change happened. In truth, many of those people were secretly worried, whether Murong Qingyan would get even with them. When Murong Qingyan was known as a waste, many of them bullied her.

The present and the past were different matters and seeing how Murong Qingyan treated Murong Qingxue, everyone’s hearts were even in a more of a mess. Who would dare to use their previous attitude to treat Murong Qingyan the same way as before?

Faced with the people’s goodwill, Murong Qingyan cared not for it and simply gently nodded at them, as she walked by.

Pretty soon Murong Qingyan arrived at Murong Qingxue’s courtyard. Maidservants, seeing her come, wanted to notify their masters, but Murong Qingyan didn’t let them to.

Looking at Murong Qingxue’s courtyard, a mocking smile once again appeared on Murong Qingyan’s face. Apparently, strength is truly above everything, ah! Murong Qingxue, a daughter of a concubine, could reside in a such an exquisite courtyard, while Murong Qingyan, a daughter of the official wife, lived in shambles.

However, even though she found it ironic, she didn’t feel much about it.

In a bit, she reached Murong Qingxue’s room and pushed the door without knocking.

In the room…

Murong Qingxue was half-lying half-sitting in the bed, looking particularly pale. Liu Mei was sitting at her side, holding a bowl with medicine, carefully feeding Murong Qingxue.

Although Murong Qingxue seemed to be extremely frail, considering that the injuries on her face got better, for the most part, so the whole person gave off a feeling of a sickly beauty, no longer reminding the ugly monster from before.

As Liu Mei and Murong Qingxue heard the door creaking, they subconsciously looked at the entrance. Once they saw Murong Qingyan walking in, their complexions mirrored each other: their expressions drastically sank.

“It looks like you aren’t very happy to see me, ah!” Murong Qingyan shrugged with a smile and indifferently said: “What a waste of my kind intentions of paying you a visit today.”


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