Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch90 (1/2)

Chapter 90 (part 1): Inciting discord

“Murong Qingyan, what did you come here for?!” Seeing Murong Qingyan, Murong Qingxue’s face warped with hatred fiercely glared at her: “I’m telling you now, don’t become complacent! Don’t think that you winning this time is something great! It’s because of my carelessness that I’ve lost to you! I’ll certainly get my revenge!”

“Ha-ha, what’s wrong with your acting today?” Murong Qingyan ridiculed her back: “Truly, should have let Nangong Ye come and take a proper look at you at the moment. Don’t know whether he would still be able to love you so tender once he had seen this sinister expression of yours.”

“Finally you’ve spoken your mind!” Self-satisfaction appeared on Murong Qingxue’s face. “You’ve treated me like this because of older brother Nangong, but, sadly, you’ve greatly miscalculated. Even if you’re not a waste anymore, brother Ye won’t ever have any other feelings towards you apart from loathing.”

“So it’s like this?” Murong Qingyan shrugged without care listening to Murong Qingxue’s provocation: “According to your logic, at the very least, Nangong Ye and I still have a little bit in common. That is, we both loathe each other.”

“What do you mean?” Murong Qingxue knitted her brows, hearing disregard in Murong Qingyan’s voice.

“It’s very simple.” Murong Qingyan’s lips once again curved into a smile: “He, Nangong Ye, can’t stand me, and I, Murong Qingyan, can’t stand him either. Even if he didn’t break off the engagement, I would never marry him.”

No matter whether it was Liu Mei or Murong Qingxue, neither of them believed her words. Everyone knew that Murong Qingyan was head over the heels for him.

“Murong Qingyan, you’re not welcomed here,” Liu Mei said, standing up, as she pointed at the door: “Please, leave.”

Although she spoke unyielding, she didn’t dare to act out of line. She also understood that the current Murong Qingyan was no longer a waste. If she acted out, she might be the one to suffer a loss in the end.

“Ha-ha, concubine Liu, why are you this anxious!” Murong Qingyan not only didn’t leave, she actually leisurely took a seat. “I’ve come today to visit my little sister, and, naturally, there’s something I must let her know of.”

Liu Mei’s expression immediately turned sour as soon as she heard the way Murong Qingyan addressed her.

Ever since the head of the Family started to regard Murong Qingxue with importance, her own status rose accordingly. There weren’t people anymore who would dare to use this word ‘concubine’ in her face. Now, being called like that by Murong Qingyan, she couldn’t help but be reminded her of that girl’s missing mother, Chen Ruoshui.

Unwillingness welled up in her heart, if it weren’t for Chen Ruoshui’s existence, she would unlikely be a mere concubine, forever. Now, Chen Ruoshui was no more, and Murong Qingyan would not remain for a long time in this world as well.

Thinking thus, Liu Mei felt a burst of delight. Since that time, she let a person secretly add a slow-acting poison to Murong Qingyan’s food. Even if Murong Qingyan was no longer a waste now, but so what? She would definitely die very soon, even with her Xuan Li would be unable to save herself.

Noticing a touch of viciousness in Liu Mei’s expression, Murong Qingyan turned to Murong Qingxue and suddenly asked: “Murong Qingxue, don’t know, whether you’ve felt something that there was something amiss with you?”




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  • Lyre

    I hope you’re ok. Ty, and just translate on your own pace. I enjoyed this a lot, hopefully you’re will be enjoying the process too (or I hope you will). 🙈
    Good work! I’ll patiently wait for you. Cia you!!!

  • sabruness

    0.7-1 new chs are equivalent to 5-7 old chs? wow, that is one hell of an increase in chapter size.

    Even if it’s only 1 chapter a week, i think we readers are getting a good deal. the short chapter cliffs were killer sometimes.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    • Agnie

      If not 9 old chapters… *faints* I was in no mood for precise calculations, so figured it’d be roughly so. If 10k word chapter, yep, it’s 9 old chapters.
      I can only hope you guys will be patient. But really, why did the size increase right AFTER I said i’d be translating 5 per week, lol
      *Hugs* thank you for reading and liking this novel!

    • Agnie

      Hi, Chirpys, I was trying to shorten your nick in my mind but it didn’t work out =x As for pw-protected chapters, sorry, for now, there are not going to be any (but that’s actually a terrific idea, thank you!). I can barely keep up with the schedule I chose for myself, lol *cries* As for the post ahead, it’s erm…a little give-and-take? Not sure how to put it right. Thank you for reading this novel! *hugs*

  • iRead4Fun

    Eeek! And I was so excited to read a two-parter post from you. Kekeke! Nah… don’t worry about it. Post with what you can when you can and try not to pressure yourself when you read begging (read: whining, nagging, crying… I’ll be one of those but I’ll keep it in my heart *wink wink*) posts about you updating quickly/quicker. Don’t mind them. We just love the story as much as you do and thankfully the novel is less than 500 chapters so we appreciate what you can give us. 😊

    Onto the story… When will we get to see MQY unmasking her less-than-magnanimous paternal family? I love me some satisfyingly good verbal smackdown… 🖤😈

    Thanks for the chapter! 😍

    • Agnie

      Haha, did you miss it? it was sneaky, a very sneaky hint, if I do say so myself.
      Actually, even nagging and whining motivates me, fufufu. Silence and indifference are much worse ^.~ But what I’m surprised about is that you guys don’t correct me. I don’t believe I’m super translator and editor 2-in-1 who is above mistakes and ‘WTH is this about?’ type of sentences, so I’m quite sad that you guys don’t mention ’em, boohooo.
      500 chapters, 400 of which 6-10k words each xD and here I thought DKC was long =x
      As for the story, no idea, but not in the next couple of weeks it seems… they have their faces safe and sound for a little bit longer~ fufufu

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    (☆▽☆) is probably the way my face looks like I see a new update. Each post is like a mini Christmas gift for me LOL. Thank you for the new updates <3


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