Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch91.2

Chapter 91 (part 2): Finals

As the voice fell, Nangong Ye and Murong Qingyan came upon the arena.

Looking at the two of them from his vantage point, Feng Fei couldn’t hide appreciation in his eyes. Reaching this step proved that, be it Nangong Ye or Murong Qingyan, their abilities were extraordinary.

He knew that many people thought that the victory was already in Nangong Ye’s bag. However, he didn’t know why he couldn’t help it, but he always felt that, perhaps, Murong Qingyan could create a miracle. In truth, he was quite anticipating this battle.

On the arena, Murong Qingyan and Nangong Ye faced each other.

Nangong Ye stood straight, tall and graceful, the epitome of elegance, clad in an ice-blue silk robe with exquisite white bamboo leaves embroidered at its edges and the translucent jade hairpin completed his hairstyle, emphasized his looks. With a gentle smile hanging on his lips, his whole person seemed to emanate a feeling of a spring breeze, looking like a dashing young gentleman.

Opposite him, Murong Qingyan still wore the same blue dress, although not worn-out, it was still outdated. If one looked at the right side of her face, she would seem like a beautiful girl, only a pity, a birthmark covered its left side and made her look exceptionally strange.

The contrast between the two was particularly obvious.

Today, the attention of all spectators was focused on Nangong Ye and an absolute majority of them were positive about his victory. Even though they had to acknowledge Murong Qingyan was not weak, otherwise, she would have never been able to reach the finals. However, the disparity between Murong Qingyan and Nangong Ye was too overwhelming: the gap between the late stages of Foundation Establishment and Opening Period was virtually insurmountable.

Eyes of the young ladies sparkled with infatuation, as they threw Nangong Ye flirty glances: to them he was the ideal husband candidate, the fact that he was engaged to Murong Qingxue notwithstanding. During the competition a couple of days ago Murong Qingxue was utterly defeated by Murong Qingyan, losing so miserably, that it was not wrong to say, that she had completely lost face. So, one could say that even if there was a promise of the wedding between the families, whether it would actually happen was uncertain.

It was thanks to Murong Qingxue’s poor performance back then, that those young ladies who still were not engaged rekindled their hopes once more.

In a place, unnoticed by others, a pair of vicious eyes stared right at Murong Qingyan on the arena, hatred and excitement flashed within them in turns.

This person was Murong Qingxue. She was sitting on the upper stands, not far behind from Murong Xiong, the white dress she wore together with her pale complexion made her seem to blend into surroundings as if she didn’t exist.

Originally, since her injury hadn’t yet healed entirely, she should have rested properly at home, but today was the day of the competition, so she felt that no matter what she couldn’t miss it, she had to see with her own eyes how Nangong Ye would wipe the floor with Murong Qingyan.

The day before she had sent a letter to older brother Ye and she believed that once he’d read the letter he would certainly seek justice for her.

As the two stood apart, a cool breeze blew past from time to time, swaying the hems of their clothes.

“Murong Qingyan, who would have thought that there also would be a day when we would face each other in a battle like this,” Nangong Ye sighed with emotion, looking at the standing opposite him Murong Qingyan regretfully: “That matter earlier, with the engagement, I truly haven’t done right by you. The engagement was arbitrarily decided by our parents. I…”

Listening to Nangong Ye’s nonsense, Murong Qingyan knitted her brows and interrupted him without the slightest hesitation: “What? Nangong Ye, are you, just like Murong Qingxue, trying to persuade me to concede as well? You two truly deserve to be a couple!”

“The matter of us calling off the engagement is my fault,” hearing Murong Qingyan mention Murong Qingxue’s name, Nangong Ye’s expression turned somewhat icy. “However, it is in no way related to Xue-er. Even if it wasn’t for Xue-er, there would never have been anything between you and me. You really shouldn’t have treated her this way.”

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  • odrofliar

    *Rolls eyes* some men are just not worth it. How many are blind to fancy that ye person? And how narcissistic is he to think she Qinqyan still cares? Thank you for the update 😊. Still love this novel very much and like you very much for making this novel available! Hope you and your cat are doing well!

    • Agnie

      Oh, but I love this type of men… They’re so fun to mess with. MQY style to mess with, fufufu And of course, she cares, I think. I’m sure she sort of cares how far she can kick his sorry butt, fufufu
      I’m glad you enjoy the novel! And yes, thank you, we’re doing fine, hopefully, all 5ch will be there this week ^.~ All the best and fluff to you, too!

  • magpie

    Villains need to monologue — it’s a genetic thing. …and thanks for the chapter!
    Small typo? “The matter of us calling of ( off ? ) the engagement is my fault,”

  • Alyssa

    I see these type of guys waaaaaay too often in Chinese novels. They always seem to think that the protagonist is infatuated with them and that’s so sad and conceited. It’s lw redundant but at least it protrayed him as annoying and unlikable.


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