Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch91.4

Chapter 91.4: Finals

“So, you and Murong Qingxue did talk,” Murong Qingyan coldly smiled. “Since you are so confident of yourself, come at me.”

Nangong Ye circulated his Xuan Li, instantly a powerful, oppressive surge of Xuan Li from all over his body burst towards Murong Qingyan aiming to crush her underneath!

In general, when one is faced with the opponent’s Xuan Li pressure, one would feel short of breath, but if the difference in their strength is great, the weaker one would sustain serious internal injuries.

However, awaiting Nangong Ye’s intimidating pressure reach her, Murong Qingyan stood motionless, a transparent barrier in front of her seemed to have been formed, easily blocking its might.

Seeing that Murong Qingyan easily canceled his own pressure, Nangong Ye’s eyes flashed darkly. He still thought that today’s match would be relaxed and easy, but now it looked like he couldn’t continue to treat it lightly anymore.

Although Murong Qingyan’s cultivation was much lower than his, having witnessed her move just now, he didn’t dare to look down on her.

Today’s match he had to win.

Even though he had already obtained qualifications to enter the Four Elements Academy, it wasn’t his final goal. Since childhood he was called a genius, therefore he was determined to win this competition so that he would be well regarded in the Four Elements Academy.

Nangong Ye’s eyes gradually turned deep and profound. He unsheathed a soft sword¹ from his waist, promptly pouring Xuan Li in it, at once the soft sword stood solid and upright, unexpectedly, it even started to tremble slightly, a strong bloody killing intent revealed itself, spreading out from it, the intent so strong that it even made a tangy fishy smell of blood indistinctly linger in the air.

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软剑 (ruǎn jiàn) – soft/flexible sword.

“It can’t be anything else, but the precious treasure of the Great Nangong family, Blood Devouring Soft sword!”

“Heavens, who could have thought that Nangong Ye would be able to control Blood Devouring Sword! However, Murong Qingyan who forced Nangong Ye to take this can’t be underestimated either!”

“Even so, it doesn’t change a fact, that now against the Blood Devouring Sword Murong Qingyan doesn’t stand a chance.”


The surrounding people excitedly talked about the Blood Devouring Sword, and especially so the fact that Nangong Ye was able to wield it, aroused the greatest interest amongst them.

The Blood Devouring Sword was the most precious treasure of the Nangong family until now only the Heads of the Nangong family had the right to safeguard it. Only Head of the family and his successor were allowed to learn the way of the Blood Devouring Sword and wield it.

According to the rumors, many years ago Nangong family by a lucky chance obtained a small bit of Cold Star Iron and managed to produce this Blood Devouring Sword. In order for it to become a treasured sword, it was said, that back then they used a numerous number of people to undergo Blood sacrifice ceremony, and thus, this sword received its name.

Afterwards, the Head of Nangong family created a special swordsmanship technique compatible with the Blood Devouring Sword, multiplying its power manifolds. And due to this, Nangong family could become of the Four Great Families and still occupied this place firmly.

Once the Blood Devouring Sword was drawn, it absolutely had to taste blood.

At the upper stands, Nangong Ting, seeing Nangong Ye pulling out the Blood Devouring Sword, let dissatisfaction flash through his eyes. He didn’t think that there was a need to use such a big move to smash such a small fly as Murong Qingyan. No matter how one thought about it, it wasn’t good. He didn’t have to get tangled up with Murong Qingyan, he just had to deal with her quickly to avoid any chance of tables being turned.


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