Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch91.5

Chapter 91.5: Finals

Nangong Ting always felt that even though Murong Qingyan appeared to be genuine, still there was something extraordinary beneath her facade. It would have been for the best if Nangong Ye used this rare opportunity to kill her. Murong Qingyan’s current strength shouldn’t be underestimated, it was possible that in the future she would become a formidable opponent for Nangong Ye.

On the other side, Murong Xiong also felt extremely conflicted. On the one hand, he hoped very much that Murong Qingyan could win this competition, bringing great benefits to the Family. On the other hand, he was worried if Murong Qingyan became too strong to deal with, she would not only not become the support of Murong family, she would block it.

Murong Qingxue, who all along had been closely observing the fight, was filled with excitement. She knew older brother Ye would not disappoint her!

Hmph, Murong Qingyan, this cheap girl, unexpectedly dared to treat her this way, not only making her completely throw away her face in front of everyone, but also totally crippling her cultivation so that she was unable to cultivate again.

Actually, she still couldn’t confirm Murong Qingyan’s words, but that she was unable to cultivate till now was a fact. Due to this, her heart was brimming with anxiousness. She truly didn’t know, if she was no longer able to cultivate and became a waste, would older brother Ye still want her?

No-no, older brother Ye would not turn his back on her. Older brother Ye loved her so, he wouldn’t discard her just because of this matter,

What’s more, although she was worried, she thought she would certainly be able to recover quickly. Even though she didn’t know for how long Murong Qingyan actually cultivated, she thought it was absolutely impossible for Murong Qingyan to have the strength and skill to cause this.

Therefore, she was sure that Murong Qingyan pulled this stunt to stir her emotions and it wasn’t actually caused by her injuries. She would definitely restore her strength, she was a young lady of Murong family, after all, the Family wouldn’t abandon her.

As long as older brother Ye defeated Murong Qingyan today, Murong Qingyan’s status in the Family would revert to the old one once more. When the time came, she would definitely not let Murong Qingyan let off lightly. She wanted Murong Qingyan to live the life worse than death.

On the arena, under all the meaningful looks, Nangong Ye finally made a move!

His figure flickered like a demon or ghost, in an instant he arrived in front of Murong Qingyan, his shadow was yet to disappear when the sword was sent in motion! A sharp edge of the sword brightly flashed, ruthlessly advancing towards Murong Qingyan’s head.

The bloodthirsty killing intent strengthened by Nangong Ye’s rich and unceasing Xuan Li, along with the attack rolled out in all directions so ferociously, that even spectators at the closest stands felt the incomparably sharp blow on their faces, bringing within itself a painful bone-chilling coldness.

People at the upper stands witnessing Nangong Ye’s attack couldn’t help but nod.

“Master Nangong is truly blessed, ah!” Feng Fei with admiration written all over his face: “Still so young, but already has such strong cultivation, his future prospects are truly boundless! Nangong family has a qualified successor to take up the mantle. Master Nangong must be truly happy.”

“General Feng is too polite,” although Nangong Ting spoke with modesty a complacent smile couldn’t be hidden on his face: “My son is still young and full of vigor, so he acts this way, nothing more.”

“Master Nangong, doesn’t need to be so modest,”, Qiuyuan Lishang added from the side. “Nangong Ye is indeed promising, it’s a fact, but…”

Hearing Qiuyuan Lishang’s commendation, Nangong Ting was very happy, but as he listened more, he figured, perhaps, there was more to Qiuyuan Lishang’s praise than seemed at first glance. And sure enough, hearing his following words, Nangong Ting’s expression became not so good.

“… Murong Qingyan, this girl, is apparently pretty unperturbed, one doesn’t know whether she already has a countermeasure in place,” Qiuyuan Lishang continued casually. “The way I see it, this girl’s disposition very good. Perchance, she also may have a trump card.”

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  • iRead4Fun

    Gahahahahahaha! Old men and their supercilious words. Really. Whichever era, fact or fiction, they’ve lived long enough to know how to use words that’ll both inflate a person’s ego and then deflate it like an overblown balloon. I could only hope to achieve that much verbal prowess when I get their age. Hehehehe!

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • Michael Droste

      MQX is a fool she even thinks that her Fiancé will still love her after he finds out that she can’t cultivate.

  • A random fish in the sea

    Nangong Ye swings his sword downward towards his opponent.
    Spectator A: “Wow~ Nangong Ye’s attack is so fast!”
    Spectator B: “I know right? He surely has a bright future ahead of him.”
    Spectator A: “Indeed, he truly is a genius.”
    Nangong Ye’s sword is getting closer to his opponent.
    Spectator A: “It surely is a blessing to watch such a remarkable match. On such lovely weather, too.”
    Spectator B: “True, in fact, this reminds me of the time when we were young and foolish.”
    Spectator A: “Yes, at that time we used to compete all the time, didn’t we? All for one girl…”
    Spectator B: “That we did, such a shame that Bob had to show up and steal her from us. FUCH YOU BOB!!!”
    Bob: “What? Why?”
    Spectator B: (And he acts like he doesn’t know, this bastard.)
    Spectator A: “Oh well, that’s in the past now. So how’s your shop doing now anyways?”
    Spectator B: “Ah, our business is doing quite well, I must admit. You should drop by, if you ever need anything.”
    Spectator A: “I will, thanks. So, anyways, would you like some tea?”
    Spectator B: “Why, yes I, very much, would, thank you.”
    Spectator A: “You’re welcome, here you go.”
    Spectator B: “Ah, such fine aroma. And the taste is so exquisite, as well.”
    Spectator A: “Thank you for the compliment, my friend. It was brewed with great care.”
    Nangong Ye’s sword reaches his opponent, but the opponent dodged.


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