Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch91.8

Chapter 91.8: Finals

At this time, Murong Qingyan couldn’t stand upright, she partially kneeled, her right hand propped on the ground and prevented her from falling over. Her dress was in tatters, blood seeping through them. On the ground, in front of her were many drops of blood, which she obviously had spat out just now.

Murong Qingyan’s complexion was also devoid of color, her whole face was so pale that it was almost transparent: even her purple birthmark became much paler.

Such an outcome of the battle with this result wasn’t unexpected to anyone. The disparity between Murong Qingyan’s and Nangong Ye’s strength was there for anyone to see. Even if Murong Qingyan’s strength was good and vigorous, it was impossible to jump three stages and defeat Nangong Ye, so, from the very start, this outcome was inevitable.

Moreover, Murong Qingyan being able to put Nangong Ye under a pressure was already terrific in itself.

In the course of the whole competition, the way people viewed Murong Qingyan gradually changed. Although Murong Qingyan was disfigured, her strength was not to be underestimated, from this now on, no one would be able to look down on her again.

“Murong Qingyan, you’ve lost,” Nangong Ye felt that he could finally relax.

Just then, for a second, Nangong Ye thought that he would lose to Murong Qingyan. Now that the dust had settled down, he was the winner.

“I have not lost,” against all the expectations, Murong Qingyan didn’t admit her defeat. She stood up looking at Nangong Ye, within her limpid eyes the refusal to surrender and be defeated shone bright and clear.

Even in the current situation she was not willing to admit defeat. She could surrender to anyone, but she absolutely refused to admit defeat to Nangong Ye.

His earlier actions and deeds, she stacked them all in her mind. Wishing for her to concede to him was impossible.

“You…” Nangong Ye evidently didn’t anticipate such turn of events.

He raised his head, suddenly meeting Murong Qingyan’s clear eyes, Those eyes were like little stars glistening with a stubborn light, and yet, they also seemed like a bottomless sea, making a person unable to bear immersion in them, but even if one knew there was abyss within, one couldn’t break free oneself from them.

For a moment, Nangong Ye had forgotten what he was going to say, he could only foolishly stare at Murong Qingyan. Unconsciously, an indistinct, strange feeling welled at the bottom of his heart, the feeling he couldn’t grasp.

Equally shocked felt spectators, because no one could imagine that even in such situation Murong Qingyan would refuse to admit defeat. It had to be known if one refused to admit defeat, the match had to continue. However, it was obvious that Murong Qingyan had exhausted all of her  xuanli.

Although Nangong Ye’s condition was also not very good, yet, if he wanted to kill Murong Qingyan, in truth, it would not have posed him any challenge. If the battle resumed, and Nangong Ye actually killed Murong Qingyan, no one would have anything to say about it.

“This Murong Qingyan, is she crazy? She’s already in such a state, yet she thinks she can still go on.”

“She’s too extreme! Even if she wants to flaunt her heroism, now is not the time, ah!”

“At this point, she still wants to seek fame. This Murong Qingyan is too foolish!”

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  • iRead4Fun

    Of course MQY’s crazy! She’s got the female lead halo, author’s bias, and readers’ support so heck yeah she can afford to be crazy. Author and her cuckoo canon fodders! 🤣😂🤣😂

    Thanks for the chapter! 😁

  • A random fish in the sea

    Were the spectators’ comments at the end necessary? You could’ve just continued with the story, ya’know…

      • felix_xb

        Pawns on a chessboard are filler too. The queen can’t “win” the game by herself after all.

        But anyway, in this case the audience is what the both of them are really fighting for behind the scenes. If she doesn’t win the contest but nobody accepts the loss, then she won, similarly if she wins but everyone thinks she’s lost then she’s no better then the poor little helpless girl from before. The previous audience moments just build up to this point. Nangong Ye has already been Pawn’ed by the other brat already.

        • Agnie

          Yeah, they do serve a purpose, can’t argue abt that, but they are a bit too long-winded and repetitive, that’s what I consider filler mostly… oh the horror of saying the same thing different way tens of times, hehe


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