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IWM, ch91 part 1

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Starting with this chapter, Nangong Ye’s cultivation was changed by the author from the late stage of Core Formation (心动, xīn dòng) to the late stage of the Opening period (开光, kāi guāng). I repeat, changed by the author. Details at the end of this chapter. Enjoy!


Chapter 91 (part 1): Finals

At long last, the day of finals arrived.

The sky seemed like a deep azure water with white feathery clouds floating merrily about, a light breeze blew from time to time, making people subconsciously carefree and relaxed.

The weather was truly pleasant, however, not many took a note of it. At this point of time attention of all the people was placed on the finals that were to be held shortly.

Today was the day of the final competition of Clan Assembly, and to watch it, people flowed to the square since the early morning.

At the upper stands, seats meant for distinguished guests were also occupied. Of course, all four heads of the Great Families arrived as well. Clearly, whether it was for Murong or for Nangong families, this competition was out of most importance. After all, the two finalists in this competition were Murong Qingyan, who came from Murong family, and Nangong Ye of Nangong family. Whoever won, would push their family to the top position.

The first place would not only bring glory to the winner’s Family but could also easily obtain the support of the Imperial Family.

Even though Murong Qingyan reached the finals, Murong Xiong’s complexion was not very nice. Murong Qingyan was no longer a waste as before, and she even became quite powerful. If she used this strength of hers for the sake of Murong family, then it would have been of a great help. Especially considering the fact that now she was still young, only fifteen years of age, she had a decent room for her cultivation growth and development.

He was clear that Murong Qingyan didn’t have Murong family in her heart, but even then, he didn’t know whether Murong Qingyan resented Murong family, and if so, to what extent. Yet, despite things being the way they were, he still wished that Murong Qingyan could win. Because her victory was closely intertwined with the reputation and the future growth of Murong family. It was only that he also clearly understood the fact, that although Murong Qingyan’s strength was not low, it was really a far cry from Nangong Ye’s.

Nangong Ye was currently at the late stage of Opening period, while Murong Qingyan was only at the late stage of Foundation Establishment. Although both of them were in the late stages, the disparity in their strength was truly like between Heaven and Earth.

Due to those conflicting thoughts, Murong Xiong’s expression became particularly odd.

Unlike Murong Xiong’s complicated emotions, whilst Nangong Ting didn’t say a word, from the happy look on his face, his attitude was clear as day. Albeit the final match hadn’t even started yet, it seemed as though he had already tasted the victory.

Qiuyuan Lishang and Bei Yuan, on the contrary, were quite tranquil. Now that the matter of finalists was already settled, no matter who won or lost, it made no difference to them.

Without a doubt, deep inside his heart, Qiuyuan Lishang felt quite gratified. Although his family’s Qiuyuan Yi couldn’t enter the finals, his son’s qualifications still won him an admittance to the Four Elements Academy.

Out of all his sons, he valued this one the most. In addition to Qiuyuan Yi’s undoubtedly high talent, his way of dealing with things was also careful and meticulous. At present, what worried him the most was his son’s health. Earlier, his housekeeper mentioned an expert with superb medical skills, who could treat his son’s illness. Even though he didn’t know whether this expert could succeed in curing his son, his heart, nevertheless, was extremely anxious.

His biggest wish and hope was that Yi-er could be treated as soon as possible so that he could go to the Four Elements Academy in full health. Yi-er’s talent was unquestionably better than that of Nangong Ye, if it wasn’t for Yi-er’s health problems, he would have never lost to Nangong Ye.

Those internal musings of the four family heads neither interested nor concerned Feng Fei. He checked the time and stood straight up, with a loud and clear voice, which resounded throughout the arena, announced:

“It’s time for the final match of Clan Assembly to begin. Competitors: Nangong Ye and Murong Qingyan.”


Agnie’s explanatory corner:

Hey, everyone! I hope this extra chapter (well, part of a ginormous chapter, duh) was a fair (albeit poor) treat for accompanying me on the rollercoaster that were those past 2 weeks. You have my heartfelt gratitude! I have survived (or more like, my will to translate survived a tribulation, but my secret stash of choco & ice cream hadn’t), and hopefully, we shall be sailing smoothly henceforth.

Now about Nangong Ye’s cultivation: it is changed by the author to the late stage of the Opening period (开光, kāi guāng) instead of the late stage of Core Formation (心动, xīn dòng).

I won’t make guesses why it was changed (yes, I’ve looked up previous chapters carefully), but since I don’t think those two are synonyms and it’s been decided by the author in the end to be Opening Period, then it shall be Opening Period everywhere. I’ve gone through the previous chapters and corrected them all. Forgive me my insolence, author.

As for the Opening period / 开光期 itself. So far our author hadn’t mentioned particulars of each cultivation period, so I’m translating at will with the use of common sense (of course, if there are clarifications later on, I’ll make appropriate changes and let you know, don’t worry).

开光 / kāi guāng is a term used for:

a) Buddhist eye-opening / consecration ceremony. It’s ‘Opening’, because whether it’s Meridian Opening, Heart Opening, Mind Opening, or Opening oneself to the Higher World, the main word is opening – opening yourself to smth or open smth within you to advance further. And also because…

b)  In astronomy, what means ‘first light’ for English speaking population, is ‘opening’,  开光 for Chinese speaking. And the way I see it… this astronomical term is closer to the point since abstractly speaking, it could be construed as a first step in the new world (of cultivation) after building the base… Opening the whole new world, ah~ what a pretty experience.

If you got other ideas, let me know!

Have a great weekend, minna-san!

ps. Now you’ve got to experience a wall of text, too, muahaha!

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