Into the World of Medicine

IWM ch92.2

Chapter 92 (part 2): The Winner

This time, at the stands, the audience sighed in praise.

“Master Nangong, your family’s boy is certainly a straightforward and upright child, ah!” Feng Fei said with a feeling: “Obviously, it’s a very good opportunity for him, but he actually hadn’t taken advantage of his opponent’s precarious situation. Truly a man of character, ah!”

“It’s just what he ought to do. General Feng overpraises,” though Nangong Ting’s mouth said one thing, in his heart, he was a bit discontented with this move of Nangong Ye. One had to know that it was indeed a good chance to defeat Murong Qingyan in one go, so that the glory and pride of being the First Family, would be their, Nangong’s.

Now that Murong Qingyan was breaking through, and if she successfully did it, it might bring further complications. Although he was confident in his son’s strength, this Murong Qingyan apparently was not a simpleton.

Even if he felt dissatisfied in his heart, he couldn’t actually show it, otherwise, all those words of praise would become a joke.

The picture in the arena changed so fast, that people were almost unable to follow it. Just a moment ago it was an intense deathmatch, and now the breeze was still and the waves were quiet¹.

Seeing this situation, Murong Qingxue gritted her teeth so hard, their roots almost snapped. Immediately after Murong Qingyan suffered a crushing defeat, such an unfortunate accident had happened.

At the same time, she also complained about Nangong Ye’s actions in her heart, because if Nangong Ye attacked back then, Murong Qingyan would have already been defeated.

No matter what others thought, it was of no concern to Murong Qingyan. Her heart and mind, all of her attention right now was focused on breaking through. The spiritual energy from all around kept gathering unceasingly, rushing into her body. At first, it just replenished her xuanli, then rapidly saturated her body until finally, it was overflowing.

Albeit to everyone else Murong Qingyan’s expression appeared calm and tranquil, only she herself knew, that she felt anything but at ease. Unbounded spiritual energy in her body had long exceeded the scope she could withstand. If her advancement was not successful, all this uncurbed spiritual energy transforming into xuanli would rage in her body, wreaking havoc all throughout. Then, even if she didn’t die, she would end up disabled.

Now, all she could do was to use this xuanli to ram against the barrier. She was very clear, that only through breaking this barrier could she smoothly advance to the Opening period.

At the same time, in her space, Little White was at the wit’s end from worry, but he couldn’t do a thing apart from taking a precaution against Nangong Ye’s sneak attack during the advancement by locking area around Murong Qingyan.

Murong Qingyan had totally ignored her surroundings, again and again attempting to break through. Eventually, she sensed the barrier becoming unstable, indistinctly there seemed to be a tendency of it fading away. Feeling this change, she redoubled her efforts at once, increasing their strength.

Finally, with her diligent efforts, Murong Qingyan was able to break through the last of the barrier.

The raging xuanli, at last, turned mild. The steady flow of the xuanli ceaselessly flew from all over her body into her dantian. Under the gentle care of spiritual energy the internal wounds she earlier received slowly started to heal.

The people at the stands closely followed the happenings in the ring. Everything was still and quiet when suddenly in front of everyone’s eyes a dazzling white light blossomed from within Murong Qingyan’s body and an air force burst in all directions, raising with it sand and stones. Seeing this, everyone knew: Murong Qingyan succeeded.


  1. 风平浪静 (fēng píng làng jìng) – an idiom. Literal meaning (is in the text): breeze is still, the waves are quiet. In other words: all is quiet, dead calm, etc.


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    It’s literally the calm before the storm. Geh!

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