Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch92.5

Chapter 92.5: The Winner

Looking at Nangong Ye, who had already flown out of the ring, a trace of regret flashed within Murong Qingyan’s eyes. She originally intended to oppress and steadily beat up Nangong Ye, she didn’t expect at all that he would fly off the ring with just one punch. Now that Nangong Ye lost, naturally, she couldn’t keep attacking him.

“Impossible!” Wide-eyed, Nangong Ting shot to his feet.

He refused to believe this outcome. His son had lost, the son he had been always so proud of had lost at the Clan Assembly, even more so, he had lost to Murong Qingyan, the waste in everyone eyes.

Not only Nangong Ting couldn’t believe it. Several heads of families faced with such result, suddenly couldn’t find a response either. Even Qiuyuan Lishang who felt optimistic about Murong Qingyan’s achievements since the beginning hadn’t anticipated such an outcome.

“Not announcing the result yet?” Murong Qingyan standing in the ring asked in a light tone.

Currently, there was neither joy nor excitement on her face. It looked as if even though she had won, she was not really happy about it.

A sudden sound of her voice like a thunderclap that swept over the square, breaking its quietness, and, finally, startling everyone out of their stupor.

“Is that possible? Murong Qingyan has won?”

“Heavens! This… when all is said and done, how could Murong Qingyan actually win?”

“Isn’t Nangong Ye at the late-stage of the Opening period? Even if Murong Qingyan just had a breakthrough, she has only advanced to the early-stage of the Opening period! Also, she has broken through just a moment ago and her cultivation is still unstable. How could she defeat Nangong Ye like that?”

In regards to all those talks, Murong Qingyan couldn’t care less about them. Now that their match was over, she was waiting for the official announcement of its result!

Although the outcome completely exceeded everyone’s expectations, it was already out, so, naturally, Feng Fei stood up and in a voice that reverberated through the whole square announced:

“I hereby proclaim Murong Qingyan a champion of this Clan Assembly.”

“For the next four years, the title of the First Family will belong to Murong family, as it will also receive various resources provided by the Imperial Family.”

“And last but not the least, contestants attaining the first three places have passed the initial selection and are eligible to enroll in the Four Elements Academy. They are as follows: Murong Qingyan, Nangong Ye, and Qiuyuan Yi. As for which branch will you be able to join is yet to be seen during enrollment, of course, your wishes will be taken into consideration.”

At the stands, Nangong Ting’s complexion turned almost as dark as an ink, dark, gloomy clouds hanged over him. From the very beginning he thought that the title of the First Family was already in his bag, but now the situation underwent such a drastic reversal. And to top it off, the son he was so immensely proud of, had actually lost. His mood was easy to guess.

Unlike Nangong Ting, Murong Xiong’s heart was all tangled up in its complexity. He was certainly very happy about the fact that his Murong family managed to obtain the title of the First Family. This title brought them not only glory but also truly substantial benefits. However, thinking about the person who brought this honor to the Murong family, he couldn’t feel an actual happiness in his heart.

As soon as Feng Fei was done with the announcement he went up to Murong Qingyan and handed over to her the prize – a high-grade spirit treasure, as was decided before the competition.

Murong Qingyan took the prize that Feng Fei passed to her. It was a small sword. Although it was small, it looked especially exquisite and its blade released an awe-inspiring aura. Undoubtedly, it was indeed a rare treasure.

Having gotten her prize, Murong Qingyan hadn’t left the ring, instead, she walked to its center. At the time, the spectators had yet to leave, and heads of the noble families still remained at their seats.

As it was necessary, unconscious Nangong Ye was being carried away by Nangong Ting’s order back to Nangong residence ahead of others.

When people caught Murong Qingyan’s strange action, they were startled once again. No one knew what she was up to this time.

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