Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch92.6

Chapter 92, part 6: The Winner

“Here today, I, Murong Qingyan, renounce engagement between myself and Nangong Ye of Nangong family.” The simple and beautiful voice rang in the square: “Henceforth, our future weddings have nothing to do with each other. I, Murong Qingyan, don’t have Nangong Ye in my eyes¹.”

Saying so, not waiting for the reaction of the crowd, Murong Qingyan turned around and left the ring right away.

Looking at the confident and relaxed back of the leaving Murong Qingyan, some people thought, that the rumors couldn’t actually be relied upon. So much so that even quite a few females felt admiration towards her after witnessing this display.

At his seat, Nangong  Ting’s complexion resembled pig liver. He had never expected that in the end, Murong Qingyan would deal him such a blow. After today’s events, his Nangong family’s face would be swept to the floor.

Good, very good, Murong family, Murong Qingyan, you had truly gone too far!

“Master Murong, since Murong Qingyan said so, I’m afraid there’s no need to proceed with the wedding between our houses.” With a cloudy expression, Nangong said looking at Murong Qingyan: “Our earlier intention of switching wedding partners now seems to be wholly unnecessary. Our unworthy Nangong family cannot afford your families’ noble maidens.”

Abruptly, Nangong Ting flicked his sleeves and turned to leave.

Originally, Murong Xiong wanted to say something, but opening his mouth, he couldn’t say anything in the end.

He wasn’t prepared for such turn of events. Meanwhile, in his heart he also was angry, how could Murong Qingyan dare say those things during such an occasion?

Although Murong family received the title of the First family, Murong Xiong still counted a lot on the marriage between the two families. Yet, now, due to Murong Qingyan’s move, not only the wedding fell through, it also gave birth to the enmity between them.

But if one looked for the most shocked and dismayed person amongst the audience, it would be no one else but Murong Qingxue.

She had totally not anticipated this development of the situation. She thought that older brother Ye would definitely emerge victorious, but ultimately it was Murong Qingyan, this cheap girl, who won the championship.

Once she saw that Murong Qingyan had won, she almost failed to restrain her emotions, as she was desperate to jump into the ring directly to kill Murong Qingyan while she was elated with her victory.

What made her gnash her teeth in hatred even more, was what Murong Qingyan said in the ring after winning.

When she heard Murong Qingyan’s words, an indistinct premonition dashed through her heart. However, she could never imagine that because of Murong Qingyan’s action, Nangong family would rescind the engagement.

Ultimately, Murong Qingxue couldn’t take the news and to everyone’s surprise, fainted right then.

Amidst the chaos, no one noticed a man dressed in black, sitting in the loft not far from the arena as he watched the finals from the beginning till the very end.

As he saw Murong Qingyan’s latest performance, he couldn’t help a smile raising at the corners of his mouth: “What a fascinating little thing. Whenever I see her, there’s always something interesting going on.”

The guard standing beside the man, couldn’t suppress the shock in his heart, for never before he had seen such a sincere smile on his Lord’s face. However, even though his heart was startled, nothing was revealed in his expression.


  1. ‘Don’t have him in my eyes’ – another way and the one that was easier to understand to say it would have been: ‘don’t like him’, but I frivolously decided to go with a literal translation. Because… you know… if you don’t have someone in your eyes, you not only don’t like that person in the romantic sense of the word, you also don’t have the basic respect for that person. It’s like a punch in the gut and the groin at the same time, muahahaha. Oh, the beauty of the languages! I bow down to you!


Agnie’s little betting corner:

Fainted?… Murong Qingxue has fainted? …

Some time ago I’ve read amongst the comments that there was erm, a guess (a hunch? An ominous premonition of a trope?) that MQX was pregnant.

So, guys, wanna bet, whether she’s pregnant or not? (I honestly don’t know, yet)

You, guys, pick a side, and if the majority (even if it’s 1:0, or 1:2) is right… I promise I’ll get you an extra part of a chapter (6th) in the upcoming week after author lets us know how it actually is.

But, please, those who know, No Spoilers! Let’s be fair!

Aaaand… you’ve noticed, you’ve noticed, right? The ML was there! But why did he disappear so fast, boohoo, bad ML!

Please rate the translation quality!


  • A random fish in the sea

    Once she saw that Murong Qingyan had won, she almost failed to restrain her emotions, as she was desperate to jump into the ring directly to kill Murong Qingyan while she was elated with her victory.

    How? She lost her own cultivation base and MRQY is even stronger than Nangong Ye, who has the highest cultivation base in the whole younger generation! Isn’t MRQX SERIOUSLY overestimating herself here?

    • Agnie

      You caught that, too, huh… XD I suppose she was just way too agitated and forgot to think (you see, it seems to be a common plague of this kingdom). On the other hand, I think our author here shows that the faked nobility is just like a puff of a smoke, disperses with the lightest wind~~

  • iRead4Fun

    LOL! People really hoped she’s preggo. I don’t think she is. She might ‘flirt’ with NGY to make sure NGY’s affection stays solely on her, but she’s too vain to allow herself to get pregnant. And if she is, her mother would probably smack her silly for that. Something tells me that concubine mother of hers taught her daughter to value her chastity, if only to ensure that her daughter marries high up in the societal chain. And MQX is a duplicitous, supercilious person. She likes to show herself in a positive light, especially in public, so an unplanned pregnancy wouldn’t do her any good. She may tease NGY but she’s not stupid enough to go all the way, unless she really was that desperate. But then again, NGY might be ‘gentlemanly’ enough not to. Case in point, his fight with MQY when he could have won the fight as MQY was weakened. Yet, he didn’t continue the fight and stayed his hand… Either that or he values his ‘magnanimous reputation’ too much to do something as underhanded as ‘attacking a person when they’re down’… ha!

    I think her already ‘no cultivation’ body just received too much shock, from one: losing her cultivation, two: NGY losing, three: MQY winning, and lastly: MQY’s actions and words after the fight guaranteed that there won’t be anymore relations between the Murong clan and the Nangong clan, which just made MQX’s chance of marrying high up go kaput!

    Wow… that was a long post.

    But thanks Agnie!!! 🙂

  • Nyrja

    Voting pregnant here, too.
    But I’m actually a little disappointed. Here I thought MQ would leave the Murong family this chapter.
    Eh, at least there is hope for the next.

  • amaro407

    MQX is pregnant no doubt about it. With her “virtues” and so called good “charms” she gives a bad name to all women. In fact she gives a bad name to hoes in general. 😧

  • anggrahini

    To think she just announce cancel off the wedding. Sigh i hope she announce she left clan too. To bad.

    I hope MQX pregnant. So it will be great for her punishment. LoL

  • Zero

    Hmm… don’t think she’s pregnant, there would be more hinting about it if she was… and in her fight with Qingyan she even got a hit to the abdoment that damaged her internal organs, which probably would have lead to miscarriage if she was carrying


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