Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch92.7

Chapter 92, part 7: The Winner

-In the Murong residence-

When competition had ended, Murong Qingyan returned to her small courtyard. Upon locking the door, she directly dived into her space.

As soon as she appeared in her space, a white fur-ball pounced into her arms.

“Master, you’ve scared me to the death!” Little White raised his head to look at her with an aggrieved expression and continued: “Today’s situation was truly too dangerous. Master, you have no idea how very much worried I was, fearing you would have a mishap!”

“Am I not fine now?” A light, pure smile played on Murong Qingyan’s lips as she watched Little White acting all spoiled in front of her: “Look, am I not doing particularly well now? Moreover, this time I also managed to turn the misfortune into a blessing, advancing straight to the Opening period!”

“Speaking of which, it was truly like a thousand pounds hanging by a thread¹, ah!” Little White patted his chest with his tiny paw, trying to disperse the lingering fear: “Who could have thought, that once Master’s xuanli was completely exhausted, the spiritual energy would surge into your body, helping you advance.”

“So, ah! Lil’ White, no need to feel uneasy,” Murong Qingyan grabbed Little White and rubbed his head, adding with a smile: “No matter what, this competition I’ve won. It’s only a pity, that I couldn’t beat the shit out of Nangong Ye.”

“Master, don’t you worry!” Little White covered his mouth, snickering: “Once he hears what you said after the competition, he will definitely faint once more.”

“Once I said those words, I actually felt such a relief.” For a moment, a forlorn expression flitted on Murong Qingyan’s face: “Perhaps, this was also something I should have done for the former Murong Qingyan.”

“Master, don’t think too much,” feeling Murong Qingyan’s sadness, Little White opened his mouth to say: “Now, you’re Murong Qingyan and Murong Qingyan are you. You have to live well so that the passed away soul could rest in peace.”

“I’m fine, I just feel some regret,” Murong Qingyan shook her head, smiling: “Alright, let’s not waste too many words, I still have to take care of my wounds. And once the injuries are healed, we shall keep our word on the earlier commitment!”

“Master, are you talking about drawing out this strange flame out the Qiuyuan Yi’s body?” Hearing this, Little White grew very excited: “This is really great! If we obtain this flame, you could follow the clues to find the core2!”

Saying his piece, Little White didn’t bother Murong Qingyan any longer and even urged her to heal faster.

While Murong Qingyan was peacefully treating her wounds, the atmosphere in Murong Qingxue’s courtyard was not so good.

The past few days weren’t very good for Liu Mei. Since the day of Murong Qingyan’s visit, Murong Qingxue’s attitude towards her changed for worse. At the same time, she couldn’t help but feel alarmed and anxious in her heart. Murong Qingyan already knew about the matter of her food and drinks being poisoned by her, hence, she feared her revenge.

If everything was as before, she wouldn’t have worried so much, but now, if Murong Qingyan wanted to retaliate, she was afraid there was no place for her to hide.

Today was the day of Clan Assembly finals, and in her heart, she secretly prayed for Nangong Ye to kill Murong Qingyan in the ring. Or if he could at least severely injure her, it was also good. As long as Murong Qingyan was gravely injured, she could secretly dispose of her in the dark.

Today her Xue-er specifically went to watch the competition. She didn’t approve of this. After all, Xue-er’s injury hasn’t completely healed yet. However, she didn’t dare to have a strict approach dealing with her, especially so because her current status was all thanks to Xue-er.


  1. 千钧一发 (qiān jūn yī fà) an idiom, meaning: a matter of life and death, an imminent peril.
  2. It also could Core of the Fire, Heart of the Earth. For now, it’s just that. A Core.


Agnie’s lil’ corner:

Little White speaks a bit childishly when he’s anxious, it seems.

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As for the bet (whether MQX is pregnant or not)~~~

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    Thanks for the update, Agnie!!! 🙂

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