Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch92.9

Chapter 92, final part: The Winner

Although Murong family won the title of the First Family this time, it didn’t change the fact that it was declining. Its situation was completely different from Nangong family, which was thriving more and more with each passing day. If Xue-er could marry into Nangong family and later become its Lady, it would be indeed an impressive fortune.

But now, everything fell through.

“It’s all Murong Qingyan’s doing! Everything is ruined because of her!” Murong Qingxue’s eyes burned with hatred. “She wanted to ruin my marriage just because older brother Ye liked me. She’s too malicious.”

“That’s right! Nangong Ye likes you.” Hearing her daughter speak, Liu Mei’s countenance brightened up: “Xue-er, you’ve still got a chance.”

“What do you mean?” In response to Liu Mei’s mismatched exclamation, Murong Qingxue knitted her brows.

“Xue-er, what I mean is that there’s still a leeway for your wedding to happen.” Liu Mei grasped her daughter’s hands and excitedly said: “You still have a chance to marry Nangong Ye.”

“What are you saying?” Once Liu Mei’s words gotten through to her, Murong Qingxue also looked extremely excited: “Do you have any ideas?”

“Xue-er, although Master Nangong called off your engagement, as long as Nangong Ye likes you, then it’s still possible, is it not?” Liu Mei said with a smile in her voice. “You and Nangong Ye are in love, and as long as he insists on marrying you, Master Nangong ultimately will have to compromise. So, if you firmly grasp Nangong Ye’s heart, you still can marry him.”

As Murong Qingxue heard her mother’s words, her tightly knit brows loosened up along with her nerves: “Yes, you’re right. I’ll definitely marry brother Ye.”

Yet, as soon as she thought of her current situation, she couldn’t help but frown again: “But now I have no way to continue my cultivation. If I become a waste, then even if brother Ye likes me, Nangong family absolutely won’t allow me to marry him.”

“Don’t worry,” Liu Mei patted Murong Qingxue’s hand and relieved, continued: “Your situation is only temporarily. When your injury heals, you’ll be able to cultivate once more.”

“But Murong Qingyan said, that…” Murong Qingxue trailed off. She wasn’t reassured even with Liu Mei’s encouragement: “She has definitely done something.”

When she mentioned that, she couldn’t avoid some grumbling in her heart about Liu Mei’s actions. It’s all because Liu Mei tried poisoning Murong Qingyan, that the latter dealt with her with such a heavy hand. If it weren’t for Liu Mei, she wouldn’t have been a waste now.

Liu Mei also noticed Murong Qingxue’s resentment aimed at her. She immediately said: “Even if what Murong Qingyan said it true, I still have ways to fix it.”

“What are you talking about?” Totally puzzled, Murong Qingxue once again slammed her brows together: “Have you thought of something?”

“Indeed,” Liu Mei nodded: “Don’t you remember? Murong family has a treasure, that-”

“Are you crazy?” Listening to Liu Mei, Murong Qingxue’s heart jumped into her throat: “If grandfather knows, I’m afraid, we won’t even be able to keep our lives.”

“It’s just a last resort in case of rainy days,” Liu Mei added quickly. “Moreover, we might not even reach this point. But even if we do, you don’t have to worry, I’ll carefully plan ahead so that we are not implicated.”

“This thing… I don’t want to hear about this matter. I don’t want to die without burial.” Murong Qingxue rebuked coldly.

Although Murong Qingxue said so, unavoidably, a ripple still went through her heart.


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