Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.1

Chapter 93, part 1: An accident and another meeting

Whole three days spent Murong Qingyan in her space and since the spiritual energy, there was much richer than in the outside world, merely in the span of those days her wounds were healed. Although during her advancement some of the internal wounds she sustained were fixed, in the fight with Nangong Ye she over-exhausted her xuanli which led to hidden injuries of the five viscera and six bowels, and those injuries were impossible to deal within a blink of the eye.

While she stayed in her space those three days, she had no idea, that outside, people were looking for her, almost turning the whole Murong Estate upside down.

Murong Qingyan’s victory shocked the whole family. When Murong Xiong came back from the competition, he wanted to see her. However, when he sent servants to summon her, they found out that the door to her room was locked and there was no trace of human activity.

At first, Murong Xiong didn’t care, but for the three consecutive days Murong Qingyan didn’t show up, so he could only send out servants to look for her.

His feelings towards Murong Qingyan were quite complicated. But just a while back she became a champion of the Clan Assembly and if she went missing during this period of time, it would not bring anything good to the Murong family.

Murong Qingyan herself didn’t know about, but even if she did, perhaps, she wouldn’t have cared!

Once she left her space to return to her room, she looked refreshed. Now she had a white dress on, and a white veil covered her face, she looked like an illusory beauty.

Little White, that nested in her arms, asked: “Master, are we going to the Qiuyuan family now?”

“Yes,” Murong Qingyan nodded in response: “Little White, while I’m healing Qiuyuan Yi, you should help me by standing on guard, ok. Although I’m going to treat Qiuyuan Yi’s illness and Qiuyuan family is unlikely to make things difficult for me, guarding against people’s hearts is a must.”

“Qiuyuan Yi’s status in the family is enough to make him a target of ill-wishes and public censure. There definitely will be people who wouldn’t want him to get treatment.”

“Master, rest assured,” Little White patted his chest with a paw while reassuring her: “I’ll certainly support you. I’ll make sure that there won’t be any accidents during the treatment, absolutely none.”

“That’s good.”

Murong Qingyan nodded once more and, holding onto Little White, left the Murong Estate, whilst Murong family was none the wiser.

Soon, Murong Qingyan arrived at the Qiuyuan Estate. She had yet to open her mouth to identify herself when a servant greeted her and led her to the Hall right away.

Such an unusual situation Murong Qingyan paid no mind.

In fact, as soon as the Clan Assembly had come to an end, the first thing that Qiuyuan Lishang did was to handle the arrangements for the person who would come to treat Qiuyuan Yi. In accordance with the description by housekeeper Li, he ordered a gatekeeper, once he sees a female with a cold mannerism dressed in white, to immediately welcome her in.

So that’s why Murong Qingyan had such a smooth time upon her arrival at the Qiuyuan’s.

Not long afterward, Qiuyuan Lishang and Qiuyuan Yi appeared in the Hall.  Of course, housekeeper Li, who was present that day, also followed behind them.

Noticing the arrival of the hosts, Murong Qingyan didn’t rise to meet them. Instead, she continued to sit there, drinking tea.


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