Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.10

Chapter 93, final part: An accident and another meeting

“It’s you!”

Murong Qingyan couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. The man in front of her was the one she encountered while she trained in the mountains at the back of the Murong Estate. This man was powerful and ruthless, she had truly witnessed it herself. So much so that she felt incomparably glad she could keep her life after meeting him.

She had never considered a possibility, that she would ever meet him again. Yet, could it be that a while ago this formidable xuanli that helped her came from-

“Were you the one who helped me?” Although she asked a question, her tone was that of affirmation.

“Apparently, it seems you are not a person to forget favors and violate justice,” hearing Murong Qingyan’s words, a corner of the man’s mouth tilted up.


An unadulterated puzzlement was written all over Murong Qingyan’s face. The black-robed man and she were but mere strangers brought together by chance, even more so, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that both of their encounters were anything but a delightful experience. Yet, the man appeared during her most desperate time and even gave her a helping hand. Why, after all? For what reason would he help her?!

“Why?” Having processed Murong Qingyan’s question, the man froze, staring blankly for a moment, and pondered as he regained his composure to reply: “The reason is very simple. Because I felt like it.”

As she heard the man’s explanation, Murong Qingyan was really shocked. She completely didn’t expect him to say such thing.

Murong Qingyan got up and stood in front of the man.

One in black, one in blue¹ clothes, obviously, there was nothing common between them, yet, standing there together, the two of them brought out a strange sense of harmony.


  1. She was in a white dress with a white veil when she went to Qiuyuan family. Now she is in a blue one. You are free to employ your own conjectures.



Agnie’s corner:

… That was the last part of this chapter. It’s shorter than usual (I divide chapter as I go), and the beginning of the 94th is better left for the Monday. It’s not good to have all the fun in one go, right?

Do you think ML will be finally introduced in the next chapter? XD


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