Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.2

Chapter 93, part 2: An accident and another meeting

Seeing Murong Qingyan’s action, a trace of discontent flashed through Qiuyuan Lishang’s eyes. However, he was very clear, that the female in front of him was the one who was supposed to treat his son’s illness, so he could only swallow back the dissatisfaction he felt in his heart. He absolutely couldn’t let it show. It’s just…

“Young lady, you said you could cure my son’s latent disease, right?” As he sat down, Qiuyuan Lishang asked, expressing a trace of doubt in his voice: “One doesn’t know how you are going to treat him?”

Earlier, when he listened to housekeeper Li’s observation, he was mentally prepared to see a young female. As a head of one of the Great Families, he knew better than to judge person’s abilities by their age. Yet, he didn’t expect to see one this young. The age of the girl was truly too small. Even though a veil gave her some cover, but one could see that she was just in her teens. Could this little girl really heal his Yi-er?

Detecting suspicion in Qiuyuan Lishang’s words, Little White almost threw a fit.

Who exactly this old man thought he was? He unexpectedly dared to doubt his Master. One had to know, that his Master was the most talented healer he had ever seen. It was already a great luck for them that his Master had come to treat this youngster, Qiuyuan Yi, yet, this old man dared to suspect her.

Murong Qingyan sensed Little White’s mood and patted him a few times to comfort him. When she was done, she replied to Qiuyuan Lishang: “Master Qiuyuan, since I had said that I would cure your son’s illness, then I definitely will do so. However, how I am going to treat him, forgive me, that I’m unable to disclose.”

“Of course, if you are not willing to trust me, I won’t insist on it. After all, treating an illness is a matter that needs not only patient’s cooperation but also patient’s trust.”

In the face of Qiuyuan Lishang’s suspicion, Murong Qingyan didn’t get angry. She understood, that her young age in other people’s minds would not hold any credibility. If they reneged on their promise and refused treatment, then, naturally, she wouldn’t persist. However, after this, she only feared she would have to find other ways to get her hands on Qiuyuan Yi’s seed of the Flame.

“This…” Qiuyuan Lishang’s his heart now tensed with awful contradictions.

On the one hand, he thought that the female sitting in front of him was too young to be a highly skilled doctor. On the other hand, prior to the meeting, he had listened to housekeeper Li’s and Yi-er recount of the events and skills of this dressed in white female. With just a glance this girl could tell that there was a strange flame in Yi-er’s body and could even temporarily stabilize his condition. He was worried that if he missed this opportunity, he would miss a chance of restoring Yi-er’s health.

“Father, I trust this young lady,” Qiuyuan Yi said suddenly. He resolutely looked at Qiuyuan Lishang: “I believe that this young lady can treat my deep-seated illness.”

Regardless of the outcome, he wanted to try. Perhaps, this was his last chance. During the pregnancy, his mother was schemed against and a strange fire was implanted in her body. None expected that this strange flame would have no effect on her, instead, it entered his body. If it were not for his father finding a drop of Heavenly water for him, one feared, he would have already been burned to the ashes by this strange fire long ago.

However, even though this flame was suppressed by the Heavenly water, it still greatly influenced his body. If this went on, even if this flame didn’t burn him to death, then he would still die due to the failure of the inner organs.


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  • iRead4Fun

    Happy Easter!!!

    And of course we have to have our doubting Thomases and suspicious Sallies! That’s one more trope for you. Hehehe! But yeah… she will heal QYY. But will this guy become a love interest or an ally? Agnie, when will we know who the ML is and what his name is? Me spoiled mind wants to know. XD

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • A random fish in the sea

      1) How can he not doubt after seeing someone THAT young claiming to be able to do what even the best doctors around couldn’t? What the housekeeper and his son said made him trust her somewhat, but this is still something no one else has been able to cure after all.
      2) Don’t we already know who the ML is? He’s been stalking her for a while now…

      • iRead4Fun

        1. It’s a rhetorical statement.
        2. We don’t know his name. It’s been what? 70+ chapters (except for that second brief appearance) since they interacted and no names were given. Unless I missed that one.

            • Agnie

              Well, I’m sure just by looking at the title of the chapter we can feel the ML drawing closer to us… It’s just that I have no idea, whether he’ll introduce himself or not xD

              I really better get to work, or I’ll be sacked for real, lol
              Great day to you! And thanks for cheering me up!

              • iRead4Fun

                Ohhhh… I’m guilty of just reading the chapter directly than checking the title! Gah! LOL! But thanks for the warning… I can’t wait for the face-off… er, I mean, showdown? Hehehe! But I can’t wait for their ‘meeting’ (again) soon! 🙂


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