Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.5

Chapter 93, part 5: An accident and another meeting

Murong Qingyan wasn’t worried, just like a cat chasing a mouse, she unceasingly pursued the flame, but had not made any moves to grasp it. Finally, she found an opportunity and instantly wrapped the flame in Qiuyuan Yi’s dantian with her own xuanli and swiftly removed it from his body.

When the xuanli was withdrawn, the flame surrounded by it, also flew out of Qiuyuan Yi’s body alongside it.

The moment this strange flame left Qiuyuan Yi’s body, Murong Qingyan directed it straight into her own. Her action was incredibly fast. In fact, it was so fast, that Little White, who noticed abnormalities in the flame, was unable to warn her in time.

“Master, don’t!” The instant Little White saw the flame leaving Qiuyuan Yi’s body, his eyes flew wide open and filled with dread, as he shouted, but it was too late to stop her.

When the flame entered her body, Murong Qingyan discovered that something was really wrong, because she felt that her whole body was burning up from within all at once. She couldn’t even control her own body, as she suddenly had to kneel to support herself.

“Master, are you alright?!” Little White leaped in front of Murong Qingyan, looking up at her with worry thick in his eyes.

“Lil’ White, what has gone wrong?”

Although from the very beginning she anticipated that she’d suffer from pain once the flame was placed in her body, she didn’t expect it to be this excruciating. Moreover, it didn’t feel as a small flame entered her body. She felt as if her body would burn to ashes in a moment. In the end, she couldn’t bear it anymore and threw up a mouthful of blood.

“Master, it’s all my fault,” seeing Murong Qingyan’s suffering, tears streamed down Little White’s cheeks: “I totally misjudged it. The flame in Qiuyuan Yi’s body wasn’t merely a seed of the Divine flame, but a genuine Divine flame. Although I don’t why it was so weak before, but it’s definitely a Core of Earth flame.”

Little White didn’t know how the things turned out like this. When they met Qiuyuan Yi before, he certainly sensed that the flame in his body was a seed of the Divine flame. But when it was drawn out, he felt its dreadful oppression, it wasn’t a pressure that a Child-flame could possess, but a true oppression of the Divine flame.

He wanted to open his mouth to prevent Murong Qingyan from drawing it into her body, but he didn’t have enough time to. Now that the Divine flame was in Master’s body and Master wasn’t prepared for it at all, Little White was really scared…

With those few words, Murong Qingyan instantly got a gist of her current predicament. As it turned out, her present situation was a mistake arising from chance circumstances that she directly drew the flame into her body. Now that things had gotten to this point, she could only strive her hardest to forcefully assimilate the flame within.

However, such thing couldn’t be accomplished in the Qiuyuan family. Subconsciously, she wanted to get into the safety of her space, but for some reason, she was unable to enter it.

As she had no other way, she could only grit her teeth, and suppressing the pain in her body commanded: “Lil’ White, bring me to a place with no humans around right now. I have to deal with the flame as soon as possible.”

Hearing his Master’s order Little White didn’t dare to delay. He immediately altered his body size to a large one, plucked Murong Qingyan from the ground and leaped out of the window.

Qiuyuan Lishang had been waiting outside with housekeeper Li. Time dragged by, a second after a second, but there was no movement heard from inside the room. This made the two of them worried.

Then they heard a loud bang as the window flew open and saw a white shadow dashing away at lightning speed.


Agnie’s blazing corner:

Uhhh… I don’t remember them mentioning it was a seed or Child- or gestating Divine flame before. Anyone with good memory around? It was in the chapters translated by Ai Hrist, I’m sure. I didn’t wreck brain because of it, otherwise, I’d have remembered… right?! (growing old isn’t supposed to be a sin… ( “>_>) )

The ‘Earth Core’ part of the Divine flame is yet to be explained. So, hold on tight for the ride!

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