Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.6

Chapter 93, part 6: An accident and another meeting

Both of them simultaneously thought of Qiuyuan Yi receiving treatment inside. Not daring to delay, they pushed open the door and rushed in the room only to find Qiuyuan Yi lying on the bed, his face muscles relaxed and comfortable as if he was sleeping. Of course, if one didn’t count large and small silver needles placed in his body. Other than that, there didn’t seem to be anything strange or wrong.

Although Qiuyuan Lishang and housekeeper Li didn’t know what had happened here, they didn’t dare to act recklessly and carelessly touch those silver needles.

After finding out that there was no trace of Murong Qingyan’s presence in the courtyard, worried and distressed, they hurriedly summoned family doctors to take a look at Quiyuan Yi. However, even doctors didn’t dare to tamper with the acupuncture needles heedlessly.

Seeing that he had no alternatives left, Qiuyuan Lishang could only let people watch over Qiuyuan Yi here.

Yet, at this time, Murong Qingyan was completely unaware of the commotion caused in Qiuyuan family. It would be right to say, that she didn’t have the leisure to worry about other people matters at all.

Little White carried Murong Qingyan to a desolate area in the mountains. As he sat her down, he moved a bit away from her to stand guard right away. Now, that he couldn’t be of help anymore, Master could only rely on herself to integrate the Divine flame.

If she succeeded, then her strength would grow by leaps and bounds and later, with the help of the Divine flame she would be able to advance faster whether it was in the cultivation or refining medicine, everything would come easier to her. But if she failed…

He absolutely didn’t dare to imagine consequences of the failure.

Currently, Murong Qingyan looked like nothing more but a gaunt shadow. Soon after they arrived at the mountain, golden flames covered her body. Murong Qingyan looked like a stake engulfed by the golden flames, being burned from within by the raging fire.

Her whole body was burning up. These golden flames spread along her skin, spreading further into her flesh, they even spread along her meridians, burning her body like crazy.

Pain! Excruciating pain! Unspeakable pain! This was the only thing that Murong Qingyan could feel now. The flame instantly enveloped her consciousness, even her soul was tortured by it.

Murong Qingyan fiercely gritted her teeth and tightly clenched her fists, so tightly that the soft skin on her palms was broken by her nails and the blood dripped.

At this point in time, Murong Qingyan had only one thought running through her mind: she had to endure!

This omnipresent pain was still intensifying, the ordinary fire was utterly incomparable in terms of pain to this one. Yet, she knew, that this time it was not just any flame, but the most indomitable amongst Divine flames – Earth Core Flame.

Gradually, her consciousness began to turn hazy, but she kept chanting in her heart: keep up, hold on! Because only if she persisted would she be able to fuse the Earth Flame and survive.

The golden flame burned, reshaping her meridians, burning her body all over and again. With each time her skin, her bones were growing stronger and tougher than before, her veins and meridians becoming smoother and wider. But at the same time, the agonizing pain, the burning temperature that was getting stronger and higher made her feel like wishing for death, but even death wasn’t easy to achieve.

Little White looked at Murong Qingyan, burning in the golden flame and tears streamed down his cheeks. It was impossible to imagine just what kind of torture his Master was going through.

And all of it was the result of his mistake. If it wasn’t because Master believed him that it was only a gestating flame, she would have never taken it directly into her body, she would not be facing this danger now.

Then, the next moment, a burst of vigorous xuanli appeared out of nowhere.


Agnie’s daring corner:

Wow. There are a lot of not dares in this part. But do you dare to guess, who is going to show up? *winks*

On another note, in other novels I have chanced upon, Earth (core) Flame ain’t supposed to be the top flame amongst Divine Flames. *scratches head* But then again, when talking about the Earth Core Flame Little White and Qingyan use the word ‘焱’ (yan4; and if I’m not wrong, it’s got some morbid connotation in ancient texts when people used to talk (write) about burning sacrifices) instead of the common ‘火/焰’(huo3yan4), which also means flame, so I guess, there’s a deep thought hidden there somewhere.

… *mutters to the side* what a pity, with such an exciting part coming up, I just should have translated this one last week and left them hanging for a few days… Tsk.

NOTICE (once more for those who missed it before):

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Oh, if it’s of any consolation, there’re 5 chapters this week, and man, are they yummy, if I do say so myself (after the long drought, especially so).

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