Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.8

Chapter 93, part 8: An accident and another meeting

The Earth Core Flame wasn’t just any flame, it placed first in the Divine Flames rankings. Now, that Murong Qingyan was fusing with it, the temperature in the surrounding area was off charts, within ten miles of her the heat was unbearable. If an average person came a little closer to her, that person would feel as if he or she was on fire. Those with somewhat low cultivation might have even been melted outright.

But the black-robed man seemed as though he felt no difference in the surroundings. He directly went up to Murong Qingyan.

The man looked at Murong Qingyan being burned by the flames. A complex feeling arose in his heart.

He hadn’t anticipated that he would chance upon this girl again and what more, under such circumstances. Until now, every time he had met this girl, she was lively and full of vigor. But now, now she was actually in danger.

Just a while ago, when he sensed this girl’s aura, he also sensed the fierce pressure of the Earth Core Flame. Only that he didn’t expect at all that this girl would be trying to fuse with it.

Once he understood this situation, he genuinely really, really wanted to take this girl and shake some sense into her, dressing her down all the while. Merely an early stage of the Opening period trying to subdue the Earth Core Flame is simply courting death! It was the top flame amongst Divine Flames, naturally, it should never be underestimated. Yet, this girl, she was so bold and rash, wishing to subdue the Earth Core Flame relying only on her meager cultivation. How was this different from a suicide, ah?!

Thinking of all of this, a trace of anger surged in the man’s heart. Instantly, the emergence of this strange feeling caught him off guard.

By this point in time, Murong Qingyan had truly landed herself in a great peril.

In those golden flames, she unceasingly persisted, making the Divine Flame continuously burn her supple body and temper her flesh and bones with even more abandon. This process was extremely painful, if she wanted to have a chance to succeed, she had to stay conscious. Because she knew, as soon as she lost a grasp on her consciousness, she would be burned away by the flame, until, perhaps, even her ashes wouldn’t remain.

But obviously, she overestimated herself. Amidst the unabating, hellish, burning heat, she felt her consciousness slowly, gradually trickling away from her grasp and she no longer had any strength left in her body. She just wanted to indulge herself and let herself get a good nap, yes, a good nap.

Just as she was on the verge of giving in into her exhaustion, suddenly, she felt a powerful xuanli being poured into her body. Instantly, her consciousness became lucid. After discovering the precarious situation she was in, she immediately stabilized her mind and entirely focused on confronting Earth Core Flame.

And, as before, that vigorous xuanli was still ceaselessly pouring into her body, letting her fight against the Divine Flame without her earlier difficulties and lack of power.

This powerful xuanli belonged to the black-robed man. Once he noticed that Murong Qingyan was in a grave danger, without slightest hesitation he immediately directed his xuanli straight into her. He didn’t know himself why he felt compelled to do so, but he knew that he didn’t want this girl to vanish from this world just like this.

A flash of surprise passed through the eyes of the guard behind the man when he saw the black-robed man’s actions. In truth, earlier, he had found the fact that his Lord came here already very strange. What’s more, it was completely out of his expectations that his Lord would actually help.


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