Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.9

Chapter 93, part 9: An accident and another meeting

One had to know, his Lord was never fond of interfering with other people’s business. Although he recognized the female who was in trouble as a person his master was interested in last time, it was out of his expectations that his master would actually take an action in order to help her.

However, as a competent bodyguard that he was, he hadn’t said a word and quietly stood there.

This time, not far away from them, Little White had also closed his mouth and stopped causing a ruckus. Albeit he didn’t know who the man in front of him was, with just a look he could understand that he was assisting his Master.

At the critical juncture when his Master was about to fail, Little White was panicking beyond belief, but he could not break out of the enchantment. Moreover, even if he succeeded in getting out, he could nothing but anxiously watch her.

Unexpectedly, the black-robed man raised his hand, but not only did he not strike his Master, he even came to her rescue.

Although he knew neither the identity of the man nor what kind of relationship did he have with his Master, in his heart Little White felt finally relieved.

Thanks to the help of the black-robed man, Murong Qingyan’s inner battle with the Earth Core Flame became almost effortless.

Time slowly went by, and two hours later, the flames engulfing Murong Qingyan gradually turned weaker, and at last completely faded away.

Due to her integrating the Earth Core Flame, Murong Qingyan’s cultivation started to rise rapidly.

Mid-stage of the Opening period, late stage, then early stage of the Harmonization period, mid-stage…

Ultimately, Murong Qingyan’s cultivation climbed up all the way to the peak of late-stage Harmonization period. Only that she herself was unable to stop its rise, it was that mysterious and powerful force that helped her to stabilize and halt it.

In regards to this, she let out a breath of relief. In fact, the advancement in cultivation was a good thing. But if the cultivation rose too quickly, it could easily become unstable and what’s worse, if the mental state of cultivator couldn’t keep up with it, it was way too easy to create a heart demon or even go crazy.

Finally, Murong Qingyan opened her eyes and what reflected in them was a black silhouette.

The man in front of her from head to toe was clad in a long black brocade robe that was almost swishing the ground; golden threads on its cuffs glistened as if they were indistinct rays of liquid moonlight, flowing along the man’s movements, spreading out tranquil and placid feeling.

He stood there, quiet and strong. Seemingly, as if an encompassing black prison, steadily, step after step treading the raging inferno¹, unhurriedly walking over. Even the most enchanting Red Spider lily² paled in the presence of this man’s magnificence.

The man’s aura appeared to be both, extremely formidable and unimaginably cold and ruthless. The man’s eyes held no ripples, only indifference and disdain for the mortal world. This was the look that belonged to those of power and status, as everything in this world in their eyes was no more than ants.

Murong Qingyan’s breath hitched, this man was truly strong.

Yet, right afterward, she felt a sense of familiarity from this man. She shifted her eyes, then it struck her:

“It’s you!”


Agnie’s corner:

… Moonlight… is of golden color? Not silver? I must have spent too much time in my cave.  UPD: Please, look up Snowy Feffe’s comment below for the golden moon, thanks to her for we can now imagine golden moonlight! 

As for the liquid part of the moonlight, I think the idea was it seemed to be alive.

  1. Do not ask me. I’m as lost with the comparison as you are. I’ve almost tugged out half of my hair before translating it word for word. I think the author alluded here to Murong Qingyan’s impression of his help with the Divine flame. Or there’s a sun shining behind him creating this illusion. Or it’s some sort of foreshadowing. Together with next explanation, it seems to make some sense,  but, meh, beats me. Pick the one you prefer (or share yours). Cluster amaryllis close-up.jpg
  2. The Red Spider Lily (曼珠沙华) – is a lovely flower, but its bulbs are poisonous. It’s historically (and mythically) associated with: “the legendary Bana flower, a flower that blooms on the road of the Yellow Spring. A large number of these flowers bloom along its road, so much so that it looks more like a rug of blood, that’s why it’s called “The Road of Fire” – because of its red flames. This is also the only mark and color on this long road to Yellow Springs, and people follow this flower as a guide to the prison of the netherworld, separated from the sun.” (totally stolen from Chinese page of  Wikipedia, somewhat edited tho). Yellow Springs is an analog to the Western… hell? Or wherever souls go after the death.


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